Chapter 1: Glensburg Academy Pool

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My eyes started to cloud and my lungs felt as if they were going to burst. My body started to shut down and if i didn't breath soon i would end up killing myself in the only place that still mattered to me. my head broke the surface and i took heavy, long breaths of air filling my lunges until i became lightheaded. My team mates applauded me, but it didn't really affect me i still felt the world on my shoulders and relief didn't seem as if it was in my near future. I took a sip from my water bottle realizing i was almost out of water, climbing out of the pool i felt a cold breeze hit my skin and looked for the source of the unusual breeze. The door had opened and a man had stepped into the pool area of Glensburg Academy. He was about in his mid forties, with silver-gray hairs scattered ever inch. But the one thing that really stuck out was a scar that stretched from his pure black eyes to a grin that looked as if it has had to many lifts done to it.  He walked over to my coach who seemed as surprised as we were to see this mysterious man. As i started to fill up my water bottle i herd a quiet exchange of hellos between the two men.

"Mr. Blackson what can i do for you?" my coach asked the strange man.

"I came to discuss the offer you made me," replied the man named Mr. Blackson

"Please follow me to my office, there we can talk about the details in private," my coach, Brandy said. Brady led the man into his posh, contemporary office and shut the door. 

Well what are we apposed to do now? Brady was the only coach here today because he gave Theresa and Andy the day off. I looked to my best friend and co captain of the team for help. Alex shrugged and i knew i was going to have to improvise. I looked on Brady's clipboard to see if he had the day's practice written down. No such luck. So i motioned for Alex to come and help me decide what to do next. She rushed to me and within two minutes we decided to call practice short. With sighs of relief everyone climbed out of the pool, put their kick boards away and hit the hot showers. 

Maggie and Claire were the first into the showers. They were always complaining in practice and thought they were the best when they know they aren't. They are the people that piss me off most in the program but are still some of my best friends in the whole entire world. But then again who now a days doesn't piss me off that's a good question, I was thinking that over when suddenly my thoughts were interrupted.

"ALLIE, who do you think is a better breaststroker me or Emmy?" a voice blurted out of nowhere. The showers went quiet and I looked up to see who had spoken. It was Selena, a whiny sixth grader. Of course Emmy was better, Emmy was in my eighth grade class, and had a whole two years more of experience in the sport. Not wanting to hurt Selena's feelings I quickly responded.

"I don't know neither are as good as me, I mean my best events are breaststroke but yours are backstroke and Emmy's are butterfly." I responded. And to my relief Selena agreed and the argument between Sel and Emmy. 

Sel's best friend and partner in crime Mackenzie walked into the shower looking depressed. Everyone asked what was the problem was, but to all our dismay she just shrugged off the question with the most general response: nothing. 


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