Chapter 5.

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So I'm back and I'm trying to rush and complete this so I can play Nazi Zombies with my step brothers. So here it is, Chapter 5!


Chapter 5.

Walking into class was hilarious, everyone had horrified looks on their faces as Istepped through the door. I guess no one told them the good news of my arrival! Haha! Everyone took there seats immediately, as I walked to find a seat. I walked up to a well known slut, and decided I wanted that seat. I stared down at her and she looked terrified back up at me.

I nudged my head to the side signaling her to move it. She complied hastily and grabbed her pink prada purse. I smiled and took my seat, and I looked at the boy beside me. I glared at him until he removed himself from theseat. I relaxed into my seat and took out my phone and decided to play a little game of Rockband. I was rocking away, when my phone was snatched out of my hands. People oohed, in wonder.

I automatically knew who it was, since no one would dare to touch anything of mine. I glared up at Dylan, who held my precious phone in his hand.

" No phones in class Maxann." He said smiling.

I tried to snatch it back, but he kept pulling it away. I finally gave up after several attempts.

"I hate you!" I grumbled, sulking in my seat.

He grinned in response and took the seat next to mine. That's when the teacher walked in, just as the bell rang.

" Welcome back students, as seniors. I hope we have a great time here in trigonometry!"  He exclaimed, enthusiastically.

There's nothing like a jolly math teacher, gosh I hate math. I'm okay in it, I am a straight B student, but who likes math? Whoever made up math is in hell burning. And anyone that likes this horrifying subject is going right down with-He-who-made-this-horrible-subject-!

The cass went by pretty fast. I really paid no attention to what he talked about. I don't even remember the dudes name. But the bell soon rang and Iwalked with Dylan trailing behind me to my next class. Everybody cleared the hall, as we walked. Giving me easy Axis, to my next class. Dylan looked confused at how everyone kept distance from me.

My next 2 classes passed quickly and soon Iwas on my way to the cafeteria. The joy of block,having 4 classes a day, and having second lunch is the best. During the classes, i got many different reactions from my teachers. My french teacher, apparently heard about my behavior from my previous teachers. So she always kept an eye on me, and looked at me warily.

But my Physics teacher, was terrified of me. He was incredibly tall and buff, but broke a sweat at the mention of my name. I snuck up on him a couple of times during class. It was hilarious, when he practically had a heart attack.Dylan scolded me the whole class, trying to hide his own amusement.

So here we were walking into the cafetria. I think the only people that did like me, or weren't scared of me were the lunch ladies. They adored the hell out of me, don't ask why they just do. They let me slide when i forget money at home, or when I only give them enough money for 2 cookies, they always give me an extra one. And I do love my cookies, so of coarse I love them back.

As we approached the line people without trays, scattered away as if they weren't interested in food anymore. And people with trays, hurried with what they were getting and payed for their lunches, scurrying away. I grabbed a tray and moved down the line taking my time like I always do.

" Why do they do that? Are you that scary." he stated sacatically, grabbing a tray himself.

I grabbed a carton of mozzarella sticks and a slice of pizza," No they just know not to mess's with me, and not to get too close for comfort. Oh, Mcfly, I love them now I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head all day!"

He looked at me weirdly and I shrugged my shoulders, reaching for a cup of yellow jello. Yum, my favorite color too! Soon we made it to the end of the line.

" Hey Judy!"  I said greeting one of the lunch ladies, as Iput my number into the scanner.

" Hey Max, I'm glad your back!" She exclaimed.

" Me too, I've missed this place so much."

" Well I'll see you tomorrow, bye."

" Bye."

" Wow I never knew, that Maxann Lane could be nice." Dylan exclaimed, dramatically.

I rolled my eyes," You don't know me." I concluded.

And I walked towards "The Table". Not bothering to look back at Dylan. Everyone always thinks they know me, when they don't. Everyone has a reason for why they act how they are and I have mine. That I hate to share! Which had me thinking back, to why I act the way I do.

To Be Continued...

*Cliffhanger... So I hope you liked it.


 Zac and Josh Farrow have split from Paramore, now i'm gonna cry!!!!

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