Chapter 9

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In this chapter has the positions of the football team and if I got it messed up then I am sorry but I am from the caribbean where our main sport is what americans call soccer and cricket so that is all I know. Please comment if I had something wrong.


Sophia and the others had not return as yet. My eye carefully remained on the entrance of the auditorium. The principal was talking about the big homecoming game that the school had in three weeks. With the homecoming game, there would be a homecoming dance, something I didn't look forward to.

We were playing gainst Scarbough High. We were the campions last year so hopefully we would win again. I began to think about watching Travis play for the big game. I had never really fancied football and never did attend a match before. I just watched it on television with my dad.

Something caught the corner of my eye. I looked at the entrance. Travis was walking in, his head down and eyes thoughtful. He was headed for the late line right next to me. I had been stuck here since when I came to the auditorium, Mr.Dickenson was already talking about this homecoming game.

Travis walked up beside me. "Hey. You alright?" He asked me, concern heavy in his voice.

I shrugged lightly, "I guess." I answered softly.

He took my hand in his, "I'm sure they didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

I looked away from him, "Yeah."

Travis gave my hand a little squeeze, "It'll be okay. I'm sure they'll apologize."

I raised my eyebrows doubtfully.

"If it makes you feel better, Sophia and Katerina had your back when Ashely bad mouthed you." He told me, looking into my eyes.

"Okay." I replied, looking away from him to the entrance once more.

He hugged me, "Are you sure you are okay, huns?"

"Yeah."I answered and returned the hug half heartedly.

He pulled away and looked at me. "You aren't alright."

I looked at him confused.

"First of all, you are biting your lip." He started. It was true. I didn't even realize. "And when you bite your bottom lip then that means you are thinking. Second, you are hardly looking at me but rather at the floor. And third, you are only answering me in one or two word sentences."

I looked at him in shock. Did he really know all these things about me and my emotions?

"How do you know all these things?" I asked him.

He smiled, "I pay attention to my girl."

I wanted to kiss him but I knew that I couldn't in the same room as the principal. Instead, I blowed him a kiss through the air.

He grabbed it and slapped it unto his lips. I smiled. Travis returned the smiled. The principal had now finished talking about the game and our support finally. He was now calling out the names of the team members in the football team.

"The main people who will be playing for that game are to come onstage as I say your name." He paused to read from the paper in his hand.

"Runnerbacks: Josh Wall and Sloan Grey. Ofensive line: Ross Smith, Alex Turner, Christian Charles, Kent Peterson and Robert Williams. Defense line: Will Fernando, Gabriel Lee and Quince Baskh. Tight ends: Jerome Joseph and Joshua Mayers. Linebackers: Gabe Young, David Russo and Dan Valentine. Wide receivers: Erin Kells and Fern Calis." The principal waited for all the boys before he continued.

Travis handed me his bag to hold for him, "And finally for what we have been waiting for, the captain of our Football team, Quarterback: Travis Tennor."

Travis walked up on the stage, the crowd bursting with cheers and claps. Travis smiled at them and stood confidently in the middle of the team.

Travis turned in my direction and gave me a smile. I returned it and gave him two thumbs up. He turned to face the crowd that was still cheering loudly and shot them one of his most dashing smiles.

I saw in all the commotion, Sarah and Katerina had came in and was cheering Kent and Sloan on as they too had now come to go on stage. I grinned my teeth together as the anger came back but I tried to substain it for Travis sake.

The crowd had died down and the footballers left the stage. Travis took back his bag and gave me a small peck on the cheek quickly before the principal could see. I knew that had made his day. That made me very happy to know.

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