Did I Do Something Wrong?

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-Am I sick?

Maybe I'm just crazy

It's all to hazy

I can't understand

What's wrong with me?

Why am I like this?

What did I do to deserve this?


I was fine.


But I guess that's why it's happened

The bad things always happen to the innocent.

We're weak, powerless

Easy targets

And that's why it gets us

Help me!

I can't take this!

This feeling of anger inside me

My outlook on life, people, me.

Why me?

I don't deserve to be ill

It makes me want to kill

These feelings, they kill me inside.

Why, why oh why?

Someone just help me please!

I need to talk

Let it all out.

But who wants to hear?

Who will understand?

No one...

-We were so close together

Now so far apart

What happened in between

I can only feel in my heart

I wish you were here

To talk with me today

But I can't give a call

My body won't obey

Things seemed to be so perfect

Now they seem so wrong

I don't feel as though I know you

Where has our friendship gone

You used to be able to talk with me

About everything you felt

Now I feel I'm a stranger

My heart is starting to melt

We always used to talk

Until the middle of the night

I don't know what we talked about

But never once in a fight

I need you in my life

I need you as a friend

I need to laugh and cry with you

Forever 'til the end

I still don't know what has happened

Our friendship has lasted so long

But I can't help from wondering

What did I do wrong ?


-I don't get what's wrong with me,