Hope. Shut up

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"Hey Lightning, you will be back up here in the ark in thirty minutes. Make sure to finish up."


"Yes, Lightning?"

"Shut up"

"B-But Lightning."

(I then come on)

"Hope, I can hear you from the chaos. Why are you so loud?"



"You shut up to."

"Excuse me?"

"Yeah Lightning, is something the matter?"

(Lightning barely holding on to her sanity, she is riding on the Angel of Vahalla, she's twitching."

"What's the matter?! You are blabbering 24/7 Hope. You say to get things done but I can't because you keep talking, and let's not forget all the enemies around. If I fight one then our communications will be blocked, except you won't even know. And you Nat are driving me up the wall! Why are you here? Aren't you suppose to be in Luxerion, like I don't know with the order?"

"Well you see. Uh Lumina wanted me to say this to you-"

"Lightning, 15 minutes until you-"



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