Saving My Heart

                                                                          By Marilyn Vix

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Julie's POV

Chapter 1

My heart was coming apart, like an unwound clock losing its springs. My second home was being demolished. The mansion had been abandoned for over 30 years. Parts of it were used or rented out, but the rest had been deteriorating to the point it needed to be demolished. I looked at the stunning woodwork in the entryway, the wood paneling, and scrollwork of the staircase.

The city had scheduled the demolition in a week. We had to clear everything out or loose it. I think the real crime was the demolition of the mansion. There had to be some way to save it?

I crossed the dark wooden floor keeping a mental tally of the waste that would happen when it was destroyed. I walked through some of the hallways, wallpaper coming off in streaks, to where my university book club held their meetings. The back kitchen and servants quarters were homey, with our group chairs, pictures and dishes in the sink. We'd made it into a second home. It was hard to think that it would all be gone soon.

The history being torn apart was killing me. I tried to hold back the huge loss inside me. It was going to be more than my favorite hangout coming to an end. It was going to be an end to an era.

My friend, Mark, was helping to pack some books into a box in our make-shift seating area. We'd found an old couch, some chairs, and filled them with garage sale blankets and pillows. It was the best place to relax and read. I tried to remember the good times, and not think of the future. He must have seen my face. He came over and gave me a hug. "Come to get your share of our meeting place?"

His smile made me think there had to be a good part about all of this.

"I was really hoping there was some way to save the mansion."

Mark nodded. "I wish there was. I've seen some of the rooms in the back. The pipes are leaking so badly, they're turned off now. The walls are full of rats, and they've taken over a whole room. They've started some demolition back there. There's no way any of those rooms could be saved."

"That's the point. What about the conference room? The place Mr. Drecker used to hold his company meetings? That place looks like a room in congress. There doesn't seem to be any problems there. And the hallway and entrance seem intact. I bet most of mansion can be saved."

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