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A/N: personally i'm not very proud of this oneshot and recommend you to skip it unless you like stories that don't really make sense.

- - - - -

It started with just a rumour. A tiny one at first, but as time went by (which wasn't that long, in the span of a week or so) it got bigger, and bigger. More people started talking about it and it became one of the most discussed topics in Kamome Academy.

Amane sat down in the circle of students, about to play 'Truth or Dare'. The game started simple, but things escalated since then- Of course at a normal teenage level. Everyone was asking each other who they liked or something like that.

Yugi didn't partake in it because he didn't like someone that way, but he figured he would stay quiet because if he said it they would get 'suspicious'.

But luck didn't seem to be on his side that day.

"I choose Yugi-kun! Truth or dare?"
'Shit.' He thought.

"Alright... Truth" He was seeing the question coming, but he rather answer something he could easily lie to than do something that would haunt him for the rest of the year. "Who do you like?" Everyone in the circle gasped and squealed in aniticipation, waiting for the boy's answer.

Yugi thought for a minute "I don't have one."

"That's not true, you have to!" The girl who asked pouted.

What he said wasn't exactly a lie, he had eyes on someone but it didn't really seem like a crush to him. A few whispers could be heard,

"I bet it's Aoi-chan, Amane-kun seems to hang out with her a lot~" Akane's expression turned into a scary glare at Yugi.

The group gasped, many of them agreeing on it, some teasing Amane about it.

But that was only the start, shit was about to go down the next few days. The fake statements flew by the academy,

"I saw Amane-kun hang out with Aoi-chan yesterday, he was blushing."

"Yugi-kun likes Aoi-chan, he told me so."

He got tired of it pretty quickly. But since he was polite and didn't really think it was that much of a big deal he just let them flow, hoping it would calm down in a few days.

Did that work? No.
Will Yugi ever have a day he isn't bothered by people asking him about it? He could only dream.

Until now, two weeks later after the rumours started.

- - - - -

His idea was stupid, maybe a solution that would make the situation even worse- But he was tired of it. Amane walked to the school's garden, he could hear the bird's soft singing. "Yashiro!"

The mentioned girl turned around, giving Yugi a soft smile "Good morning Amane-kun! Do you need anything?" He hummed, "I actually do need help with something.." She looked at him, waiting for him to finish his sentence.

"Yashiro," He gulped "Would you be my fake girlfriend?"

The girl froze, blushing "Eh? W-Why's that Amane-kun? Are you sure you slept well this morning?"

Amane explained what had happened the past few days, the game, the rumours about him and Aoi and more.

"I see.." She thought for a moment.

"S-Sure! I'll be your uh- Fake girlfriend" Yashiro exclaimed awkwardly.
Amane muttered a small thanks.

- - - - -

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