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She wanted to be happy,
so she jumped.
She jumped from the highest building,
and had no regrets.

Now she looks up from the depths of hell,
wishing she could rewind time,
and not jump.
She saw how sad everyone was.
Her mom, her sister,
even the man who made her jump.

She regretted every moment.
And now, she was trapped in hell forever.
She couldn't escape from her nightmare.
She lived with the jump replaying in her head
for every moment of her life.
And she couldn't erase them.
That was her punishment.
There was no escape.

She wanted to cry,
but no tears came to her eyes.
She felt no sorrow,
she felt no sympathy for those up above.
And now she was trapped forever.
She couldn't come back,
and that was something that she couldn't face.

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