9: Pushed back to him

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"See Aiza Bhabhi, which Hijab do you think will look good with my dress?" ,Aayat asked to her sister in law holding a peach coloured hijab in one hand and a maroon coloured one in other hand.

Her sister in law, who was wearing doctor's coat, just had returned from night shift at hospital and was dragged into Aayat's room the minute she came back.

"I guess, the deep maroon coloured will go well with your dress Aayat, now please can I go and get fresh?" Aiza said tiredly as she hadn't sleep the whole night.

Aayat pouted and than said "okay, take rest babhi , love you!".

As Aiza finally left the room, Aayat stood Infront of the full length mirror in her room. Though she wasn't that excited for the college event, she had to dress perfectly for the day as she would be volunteering the annual college fest along with all the other members of her team.

But to say that she wasn't liking her dress would be a lie as she was in love with her attire for the day. She was wearing a peach coloured gown that reached to her ankles. And as she tied the deep maroon coloured scarf on her head, it gave a beautiful contrast to her over all look.

She was not a fan of makeup and so she just applied a basic liner and lip balm . She grabbed her handbag and than took her mobile that was kept on charging.

The mobile screen showed two messages .one of them was from Hamza.

"Good morning, don't be late today!"

"On my way!" She replied to his message.

Than she read the other message which was from Humaira. A smile broke on to her face as she read the message.

"I am Waiting with my car outside your home . Come fast Aayat!"

After that day, Humaira had been avoiding whole of the gang of her friends including Aayat. She would talk less and even don't go to uni together with Aayat these days. That's why this message of hers had brightened up Aayat's day.

Smiling cheekily, she kept her phone into her pocket of the dress and climbed down the stairs. As she already had the breakfast , she bid bye to her parents and finally went outside her house . She saw Humaira waving at her smilingly.

"Finally humi's smile is back." She thought to herself . Her day had just got better. She jogged towards the car and hopped in the back seat besides Humaira.

"Assalam walaikum Aayat, you look amazing masha'allah" Humaira complemented her.

"Walaikum salam humi, first of all youre look more amazing than me,
And second of all, I am very angry with you! Why were you behaving like that all these days! I hate you."
Aayat said making a stern face to Humaira.

Humaira's eyebrows furrowed as she tried to explain ,

"Aayat, sorry I didn't meant to hurt you all.. I was just very sad with the fact that I would be away from all of you in the team of the people I don't know at all..I am sorry..."

Aayat's anger was replaced by love for Humaira as she side hugged her and said ,

"It's okay dear.. but don't do anything like that again. Or else I will never ever talk to you."

Humaira nodded while a chuckle left her mouth as she said,

"Okay madam."

With that, Aayat broke the hug. The car was already on the main road that went straight towards their university. The weather was very lovely today. Aayat breathed in the fresh air as she opened the window.

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