1 last chance

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###beckys POV###

"Austin tryed to catch up with me but o kept walking until i finally turned around and said " Forget about it okay I can never for give you , I gave you one chance and of course you screw it up , I'm just not redy to forgive you Austin not at all." I turn away and walk to class. Finally its the end of the day when I get home I jump in my spongebob pajamas and I start writing a song called " play it again" . When I hear the song "Swagger Jagger" from Cher LLOYD. It was our song me and Austin. I look out my window and see austin with a boom box in his hand and a sponge Bob toy.

Becky- what are you doing here its 11pm!

Austin- I love you I can't get over you !

My heart skipped a beat

Becky- come inside

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