The sun rose to start a new day. New day, can also be the starting of a new beginning, or a new life.

She lighted the candles, and prayed before the idol of Jesus Christ.  Her mornings were incomplete without the visit to the church.

"Oh Lord! I don't know how to thank you. You gave me a very good news early in the morning.
        It was my dream to do my post graduation in any one of the famous college for management. And.... And look at this, Its admission letter. Thanks alot . "

She ran down through the steps, without leaving the smile from her face. Her long hair was fluttering, along with the stall she wore.

"Good morning Uncle..."

She greeted the watchman, without stopping her feet from moving.
"Good morning Roshni... Go slowly, else you will fall.."
He responded loud. But she had already left .
The watchman smilied and sat down back to the chair, beside the gate.
The arch above the gate read
St. Mary's Orphanage.

"Mother....may I ?"
Roshni stood at the office doorstep.

"Get in Roshni..  What's the matter, you seem so happy today..."

Her smile widened and hugged Sr. Ancy tightly as possible. "Yes mother.... I am so happy. My admission in Munnar Management College is ready, that too with scholarship..."

Sr. Ancy, was her mother, mentor , guide and much more. She was the one who took care of Roshni's all needs from the age of 12. 
Sr. Ancy still remember, the cute little girl who was hiding behind her mother , when she was meeting her first.   Mitra , Roshni's mother , passed away when Roshni was just 12; due to blood cancer. A week before, Mitra came to the orphanage to handover Roshni , as she knew , her life is going to end soon. 

"Congratulations Roshni. You really deserve it. Hardwork pays off. "

"Thank you mother. But... The class will start from day after tomorrow. And I should leave tomorrow. "
Her face fell. Roshni didn't wanted to move away from her safe zone. She scared of the world, the selfish society who always treated her like an orphan and inferior.  But , she has a great ability to hide her sorrows behind that beautiful smile. A very special kind of sense of humour was present in her. 

"That's okay. I am happy.. that now you can stand on your own feet. You are an independent girl Roshni. And you have God's Grace. Be happy always. Lord will be always with you."


The 8 hour bus journey was something she like alot. Even though she is scared of dark, the moon and stars, that shines bright overcoming the darkness was her favorite.

She looked the seat opposite to her left. A small girl was blabbering about all the things under the sun to her father.

Roshni smiled at the girl.

Roshni had seen her father a couple of times, but not more than ten. At her early ages, he used to come every weekends with lots of chocolates. As years passed, the time gaps increased to every month, and then in couple of months.  Yet still, his face is tattooed in her heart.

The last time he came... She remembers, there was a big fight going on . Her mom was crying... And he left... But never came back.

The cool breeze get her back to present.  Again she looked at the night sky. People say, over loved ones who passed away will be seen as stars.
She believes.... her mom is among them, and that makes her smile.


The bus conductor called out the name loud. Roshni took her bags and get out of the bus.

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