chapter 3: The ruins

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You couldn't help but stare at the ruins, you could tell that at one point they must have been beautiful. You mutter a spell under your breath and your eyes glow bright yellow and you see what the ruins looked like when they were first built, as you look around in wonder as Kendra meows in sorrow. "It seems like your kitten might know this place, but how though I do not know."
"It was beautiful."
"I do miss those days." You see Frisk run to a pile of orange leaves that has a yellow four pointed star floating above them. You briefly wonder what it is before dismissing the thought.
"Frisk keep up! I don't want you lost in here." You call to her as she runs up to you.
"Your sister is right, things are dangerous here. The ruins are made of traps and puzzles. The first of which is just in the next room." As you walk into the next room you notice a sealed door, six buttons and a sign. It said "Only the fearless may proceed. Brave ones, foolish ones both walk not the middle road."
"Toriel, what does that sign mean?"
"Why it is a clue to solving this puzzle. I will show you the solution to this puzzle." Toriel walks on the bottom left, then the bottom right, then the top right and finally the top left before pulling a switch. The door opens. "Let us go on to the next room. For this puzzle I have labeled the switches you need to pull. Which of you would like to try this puzzle?" Toriel asks and Frisk pulls on your shirt signaling that she wants to.
"You want to try Frisk?" She nods. "Go right at it then." She runs off and does the puzzle fast. You just casually go with Toriel. Frisk easily flips the switches and you all go to the next room which has a training dummy in it.
"As humans living in the underground you must learn how to defend yourself. I know you must already be skilled with protection spells but what about stalling for time? Many monsters will want to fight you."
"Stalling?" You tilt your head to the side.
"Most monsters do not want to fight. So making conversation is the best way to stall for time. I will find you and resolve the problem peacefully. Would you like to try?"
"Sure." You walk up to the dummy. "Hey, I'm (Y/N). I'm new here, would you like to be friends?" You hug the dummy. "I don't want to hurt anyone here so please can we?"
"Very well done!" Toriel and Frisk claps at your performance.
"Thanks." You say as you look away shyly before moving on to the next room. There's a weird design on the floor but you don't pay attention you just want to go. Suddenly an overgrown frog knocks you down and you cry out in pain.
"My child!" You hear Toriel and Frisk run to you. "Froggit! You get off of her right now!" She commands as the frog runs away terrified. You sit up and rub the back or your head and rotate your right shoulder. It hurts like hell, looks like you won't be using it for a while. Suddenly the pain starts to fade. You peer over to see Toriel holding her hands out, as they glow green with healing magic. Well that feel nice, you think to yourself.
"Thank you, Toriel."
"Just be more careful. I do not wish for you to be hurt anymore."
"I will be." Kendra trots up to you and looks at you. Suddenly there's a flash of bright light and a girl is there. Well kind of a girl.

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