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WARNING: Discrimination and suicide topic!

Quade's POV

I walk hand in hand with Tiffany through Unique's house. There's people jumping and dancing all around. People smoking here and there, and other drinking. We make it to the kitchen and Pace is sitting on the counter with Unique in front of him.

"Yo!" I call out so he can hear me because the music is way too loud.

He turns to look at me then hops off the counter, slightly shoving Unique out of his way.

"This bitch hasn't left me alone since I got here," he says into my ear. I laugh and shake my head.

"Give her what she wants," I say.

"Fuck no," he laughs.

Tiffany tugs on my arm and points to Ian and Brooke, standing across the living room. They both have drinks in their hands.

"I haven't spoken to him," I tell her.

"You have to," she says before letting me go and walking towards them. I turn back to Pace and he's kissing Unique with her leg wrapped around his leg. Make it make sense.

I follow behind Tiff, and stand by as she embraces Brooke. Ian steps close to Tiffany and I feel myself tense up just in case he tries to shove her away, but instead he says something in her ear and she shakes her head, while placing her hands on his shoulders then hugging him. Brooke smiles at them as she holds a small bag in her hands along with her cup.

Ian looks over at me and head nods. I step towards him and say, "what's up." Tiffany places her hand around my arm and starts talking to Brooke really loudly over the music but I can't really hear her, although it seems like they're touching on the subject of makeup.

"Is Francisco coming?" Ian shouts towards me. I shake my head 'no,' he had said he was staying with Elizabeth tonight.

"He's with Elizabeth," I announce.

"Right," he laughs then takes a sip of his drink.

I feel someone place their hand on my shoulder, so I turn around and I see Tristan. Tristan is a senior, he's repeating his senior year because he didn't finish his year, due to issues he had back in Miami. 

"Do you know who lives here?" He shouts as he stumbles closer to me.

I nod and he grabs me by my jacket and shoves me through the people dancing. We approach the staircase and he stumbles once more, falling on the people sitting on the steps.

I lift him up and push him up the stairs.

"Do you need to throw up or something?" I ask him.

"No," he slurs, "I need a blanket."

We get to the bedrooms and I open one of the doors, letting him go in first. I lock the door behind us to prevent anyone coming in and watching us steal Unique's blankets.

"I fucking hate this shit!" Trevor shouts, making me jump back a bit.

"What's wrong?" I ask as I sit down on Unique's desk.

"Today," he slurs, "one year ago today, man."

"What?" I ask.

He sits on the bed and begins to tear up.

"One year ago, my best friend killed himself," he sobs as he lays back on the bed.

I don't know what to say. My mouth opens and closes multiple times, trying to find the words to say but there's nothing I can say. 

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