Chapter 7: Under the Mistletoe (The First Snow)

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During the night, little flurries began to descend upon the island that Hiccup, Astrid and the dragons were on, as well as Berk. They slowly accumulated on the now frozen ground, building up in every crevase. After a few hours it began to snow heavier.

The snow began to accumulate more quickly during the hours near dawn, waking the dragons. Stormfly and Toothless waddled over to the sleeping couple, who were sound asleep in each others arms, and spread their wings out to cover them. The snow around the vikings dispersed rapidly, melting from the body heat give off from the dragons and the dwindling fire that had been made that night. The dragons dozed now and then, but held their wings high.

When the sun rose over the mountainous peaks of Itchy Armpit, casting warming yellow rays across the snowy landscape and dancing across it like stars in the night, the vikings woke.

Hiccup yawned with his eyes shut. Wiping the sleep from his eyes, he sat up and gazed at the almost barren area. The young chief crawled out from under his dragon, who then dropped his wings and wandered after Hiccup, and walked to the edge of the cliff with some effort since he forgot to take his prosthetic off. Snow danced in his vision and fell upon the warm skin on his face, which then melted the tiny flakes.

He smiled widely at the sight. "The first snow of the year, bud." He said, stroking the dragon on the top of his head and down his neck until he reached his saddle.

"It's quite beautiful this time of year, despite the temperature that could freeze places on your body you didn't know you had." He said out loud. "Dad would have loved it, i've never seen it so light and beautiful."

The black dragon next to him gurgled what sounded like a chuckle. Hiccup chuckled with him and patted his head. His hands made their way to his hips as he gazed on the scene in front if him.

The sun had clearly defined rays that basked the white area. Dead trees lay heavily covered in the soft fluff to the point where some of the branches threatened to snap. No grass was seen under the at least a foot and a half of snow, making it seem as if none had ever been there. Beyond that, the icy ocean stretched out into abysmal.
A small hum emitted from behind the two guys, a little hum of pleasure and warmth. Hiccup grinned.

"Hiccup?" The petite, blonde viking asked.

"Yes milady?" He asked, turning on his heel.

She blinked her eyes open and grinned at the sight in front of her. The holiday season was now here, which was the time Astrid loved the most, one reason being because it meant it was time to make yaknog again.

"It snowed." She gasped.

Hiccup chuckled and approached Astrid. "The first of the year."

Stormfly folded her wings against her body, allowing her rider to stand.

"You know what that means?" Astrid said as she got to her feet.

"What is that?"

"Yaknog, I know you love it!" She answered.

Hiccup nodded slowly, not wanting to upset his girlfriend. Astrid then began to try to make her way to the chief, but struggled because of the slick snow. Her boots did not have as much traction as, say, Hiccups did since she had worn down the soles over the past year, so she slipped along the way. Hiccup laughed, watching her struggle. She jutted out her bottom lip.

"Why don't you come help me instead of laughing at me!" She demanded.

With a chuckle he walked over to his slipping girlfriends and grasped her forearms. She slipped in his grip, trying to fall on her butt, but the young man pulled her to his chest to avoid it.

She breathed out, "thanks babe."

She wrapped his arms around his middle and tucked her head under chin. He snaked one arm around her waist while the other gripped her shoulder lightly, not wanting to let go. Humming emitted from Astrid's lips and Hiccup was soon to follow.

Meanwhile, Toothless and Stormfly ran off into the evergreen brush together, chasing each others tails. Stormfly bounded away into a holly bush nearby. Toothless began after her, but was stopped my the sound of laughter fits coming from the two vikings on the other side. He called to Stormfly, telling of his idea. She agreed without hesitation, knowing that her rider was deeply in love with Hiccup, Toothless' rider, and knowing the viking traditions after being with them for five years.

The black dragon ran to the holly bush again and ripped a third of it from the ground. Deep gashes formed in the snow from the two dragons pulling the bush with mangled, twisting roots covered in dirt with them. They struggled to get it over to the couple, but eventually did.
The two dragons lifted the 5 foot holly into the air, knocking Astrid and Hiccup down in the process, and held it above them.

They slipped backwards and fell a few inches into the snow.

"Hey!" Astrid called as she landed on her butt.

"What the?" Hiccup gasped, holding the back of his head where the branches whacked him.

Toothless chuckled with the bush still in his mouth.

Hiccup and Astrid sat up and bushed the snow off of them. Astrid then looked up, smiling. She nudged Hiccups arm and pointed up. He followed her gaze and fixated his eyes on the partial holly bush. They laughed together and looked into each others eyes, lovingly.

"Mistletoe." Astrid said.

Hiccup did nothing but smile, that is until Toothless hit him with his tail, pushing him forward into Astrid. He scratched the back of his neck. His girlfriend smirked and wrapped her hands around his neck, removing his hands and pulling him forward. He leaned in, cupping Astrid's cheek and putting his other hand on the middle of her thigh, sending chills up her back. Finally, they leaned in to each other and molded their lips together. They were in complete ecstasy, with Astrid taking in her boyfriends woodsy scent that sucked her in like hungry dragons to fish, and Hiccup tasting Astrid's sweet honey lips that just begged for more.

A few seconds later a rumbled filled the air, causing the. To break away.

"What...was...that?" Astrid asked.

The vikings turned to the dragons, who seemed to be smirking. Rumbling filled the air again and Hiccup could almost swear he saw Toothless' stomach ripple.

"I think they are hungry." Hiccup said.
Astrid punched his arm playfully. "Why don't you and Toothless go fishing while Stormfly and I make the fire."

"Okay." He said mounting Toothless.
Astrid walked up to him while he was half sitting on his dragon. "Don't be too long."

Hiccup smiled and leaned down to give her a swift kiss.

"Don't worry." He said before locking his prosthetic into place and taking off into the clear blue sky.
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