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Pen Your Pride

Niall's POV

Die. I just wanted to die. End it all here, stop everything, never mind. Anything to stop the pain. It was worst than the worse, I had never, ever, experienced anything like this. And I thought I knew what pain was. Ha. I didn't even know it was possible to feel so much pain being conscious. My knee was hurting me so damn much, it didn't feel like my knee anymore, I couldn't tell where the pain was coming from ; it was irradiating my whole body. But I had seen my knee, and it looked pretty awful. Like really.

As they carried me to the car, I tried not to think about my knee, and the only thing that would keep my mind off of it was Cassie. I heard the worry in her voice, I felt the way she was stroking my hair. She was worried. Not mad anymore, not indifferent or sad ; just pure worry. And that's what kept me from freaking out. The whole trip to the hospital, I only focused on her, her voice, her singing. And I sang. Mostly for her, and strangely enough, I wasn't feeling the pain much anymore. Maybe my body was getting used to it ? I quickly scratched that away when we got to the hospital and that I stepped out of the car. It was still there, even worse than before if that was possible. I gladly let the lads carry me, barely noticing who was holding me. Once we were in the tiny room, I thought I had been through hell already and that it was over. What a joke. The door flew open and I saw him.

My first reaction was to hide under the covers, but that would've been cowardise, and way too easy. Maybe he had forgotten me ? The second his eyes met mine, I knew he didn't. Actually, he looked almost pleased to see me, and that's what scared me more than anything else. The smile playing on his lips while he made his way towards me, and that one simple sentence that sent shivers - that really bad kind of shivers - in all my body.

-Well well well… Nice to see that pretty face of yours again, Niall. Hope you had a nice time in those what… Ten years hmm ?

I was screwed. What could I answer ? The boys were all watching me, waiting for me to answer, Cassie was bitting on her lip hard, playing with her fingers, and her dad was... Well if looks could kill, I would be long gone. Come on Niall, go for it.

-Um, n-nice to see y-you too, Håkan... Um, d-doctor J-Johans-son...

I might've seen a flash of surprise in his eyes, his light blue eyes, as cold as ice, but it was gone the next second. He nodded, then sighed before totally changing is face. He turned round to see his daughter and said a few sentences in what I guessed was Swedish, before turning back to me, a... Smile ? on his face.

-So Niall, tell me what your problem is.

I was gobsmacked by his change of attitude, what the hell just happened ? First I thought he was about to kill me, and now he's... Well, kind and bubbly ? That's when Liam decided to pop into the conversation. Thanks budy.

-We think he has a dislocated knee, sir. He already had problems like this one, but it looks more serious this time. We didn't touch it that much, we just took his pants off to avoid any type of friction, or complicate things if it started to swell.

Håkan looked at him and nodded, before grabbing a file and starting to fill in some stuff.

-Good, that was smart of you... At least one of you is responsible enough. Not the case of teenagers usually. So, let's take a look at that knee.

He dropped the file on the nightstand and bent down to my knee. The second he touched it, I bit on my lip to suppress a moan and clutched my hands on the sheets. But it didn't go unnoticed.

-It hurt that much ?


My voice sounded so weak, I hated it. It was only a dislocated knee ! Though a little voice in my head kept whispering that there was more and that it was serious. The surgery-needed type of serious. He carefully touched my knee again, and that time and couldn't keep it in. I screamed, throwing my head back against the wall. Pain, pain, pain. My eyes were squeezed shut, I couldn't concentrate on anything, my mind was blown away by all this pain. But when someone gently shook my shoulder, I had to open my eyes again. Håkan was facing me, a very serious face on.

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