I wake to Andy's face smiling down at me. I smile up at him. My stomach grumbles and I poke it, willing it to stop. "Someone's hungry," he says to me, "Let's go to eat somewhere. Where do you want to go?" I don't want to answer that. Yes I do, " It doesn't matter. I'm not picky."   We sit up and get out of bed. We are about to walk out of the room and then I remember I'm not wearing much. I look down to my pants. They were dirty and ripped from last nights struggle. I look to my shirt which was perfectly fine. I look at Andy and he nods, understanding that I need some pants or shorts. He gives me some short shorts and I put my shirt back on. We walk out of the room and out of the bus.

    He takes me to the mall and buys me some black skinny jeans from hot topic. I put them on when he takes me to the restroom. He had bought something else but I did not see what it was. I walk out of the bathroom to him and he puts his arm around my waist. We walk until we find a Tokyo Japan restaraunt.

    We share honey mustard chicken and noodles. When we finish, I offer to take the trash. At first he is reluctant, but then he agreed. I walk the trash to the trash can. I feel it. He is looking at me. I turn lost in thought. I bump right into him. He laughs and just places his arm back around my waist. We walk back to the bus and the whole band is waiting. "What's wrong with you, bro. We were worried sick!" CC says. The others are all looking at me and Andy. Ashley is holding back a laugh. I lightly brush his arm away.

    "Why don't you two go play with each other." Ashley says. I blush but Andy just shoves him into the couch.I walk past silently to the bathroom. I walk in and find a nice surprise for me. There is a stack of clothes setting neatly on the toilet. There is a note on the clothes. I pick it up and read it.

    Here are some fresh clothes for you. I dont know how long you will stay with us. I don't know if you even like us. But I do want to know why you were away from home. I do want to know about you. And if you decide to leave, I hope you'll at least stay here with me for a little while.

    I set the note down smiling. I pick up the many clothes on the toilet and go through them. Pants. More pants. Shirts. Bras. And underwear. One set caught my eye. A dark blue push up bra with lace covering it. The underwear looks identical. A partial thong.
    I look under the cabinet and find a straightener with my name on it. It says from CC. Makeup, from Jinxx. This makes me smile. I grab a towel and undress. I see myself in the mirror. Scrawny. Ribs showing. I turn and lock the door. I get in the shower and notice a razor and shampoo and conditioner and shave cream. They all have my name written on them.

    I wash my hair and shave all parts of my body except for my head. I brush my teeth in the shower and wash myself. I stand under the water a minute to savor the moment. I get out and dry myself off. I wipe the mist on the mirror away with my hand and look at my face. I look down to the bra and panties. I want to wear them now. I put them on and dress in some pajamas. I put my things under the sink and throw my dirty clothes into a dirty clothes hamper.

    I walk out of the bathroom to see the whole band but Andy passed out in the living room. Andy walks up to me, " Will you?" I nod smiling. He leans down to me but then Jinxx moves. He looks at me and we walk to the room in the back of the bus. He desperately presses his lips against mine. The sweet taste makes me want more. I release heavy breath through my nose. He gets it. He picks me up and slams me into a wall, my legs wrapped around his waist, arms around his neck. He supports my weight by my butt. He's kissing me more intense than before. More deep. My chest is burning. He carries me to the bed he lays me on the edge of the bed and he pulls my shirt off. He's kissing my neck. I lay back. He's kissing my stomach. I pull his shirt off. He takes the PJ pants. He moves back up to my face. He looks me in the eyes and kisses me gently. Don't stop, I think to myself, please don't stop.

  He doesn't stop. He unhooks my bra and I breathe hard. He pulls back, letting me hook my bra back. "I'm not ready yet. I still need time to heal." He cups my face in his hands, "I understand, Ri. You don't need to explain. I respect you and your boundaries. I will wait." He picks up his batman shirt off the ground and puts it on me.

    I laugh because we both know  that its ripped all to hell. Too much to stay on my body. It falls to the ground. He sighs jokingly and tosses me a Black Veil Brides shirt he bought me from hot topic. I put it on. I barely notice him in front of me. He lifts my chin lightly and looks me in the eyes. The blue like an ocean. Freedom. The skies sometimes remind me of his eyes. Innocence. He closes them. But, no. I think, they- I wasn't done looking at them yet! He leans in closer to me. I close my eyes as he plants a light kiss on my mouth. He gently bites my lower lip. He is basically telling me, One day.

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