Adopted By Taylor Swift

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"Sam. SAM! Are you even listening to me?!"

I sighed, "god taylor relax! It was one time!"

"One time?! This is the 3rd time this week sam! But this time you didn't come back at night! So don't tell me to relax!"

Taylor adopted me 1 year ago and she always gets mad at me because while she performs i am always out clubbing and drinking.

Last night she had a concert for her speak now tour. She has one concert left in the tour and we go back to our home in LA. I went to the oxygen club and i got sooo drunk. This guy took me to his apartment and we had sex. I don't even know his name but in the morning i left. When i got home taylor was furious. I have never came back in the morning. I usually don't stay over night but i guess we were too into the sex and i lost track of time. That's how the fight started.

"Okay so i stayed over night. Who cares." I rolled my eyes and walked towards my room. Taylor grabbed my wrist, "i was woried sick about you! I almost called the police! You can't keep doing this sam! We are in london on a tour! You could've gotten kidnapped and killed for all i know!"

"Well i'd rather be dead than live with you!" I screamed and ripped my arm away, slamming my door shut and locking it. I sat on my bed and took out my phone. I put headphones in and turned my music on. The big time rush song, "worldwide" came on. I blasted it so i couldn't hear taylor.

"Well i'd rather be dead than live with you!" Sam screamed and ran to her room, slamming the door shut.

I sighed and slid down onto the couch. Tears started streaming down my face.

"She hates me...she hates me." i whispered over and over again to myself. I felt a furry animal brush against my leg. I looke down to see meredith. I smiled and lifted her on my lap. She purred and rubbed her head into my stomach.

I turned the tv on and CSI was playing. It was the episode i was in so i decided to watch it. My death scene came up. My stage mom was screaming at me to change my hair back.
(M-mom H-hailey)
M-change it back or i swear to god-
H-no! Leave me alone!
M-you little bitch!
H-i hate you! I've always hated y-
The scissor went into my chest. My mom caught me and i fell down. Then my character died.
My eyes were glued to the screen. Then meredith snapped me bak to reality by hitting my face with her paw. "I should check on her right?" Meredith meowd in response. I nodded and stood up.

I knocked on the door lightly. "Sam. Sammy please open up. I'm sorry. I really am." No answer. I sighed and trie to open the door. Locked. Darn.

I reached above the door and got a key. I unlocked the door and slowly entered. "Sammy?"

She was laying on her bed asleep with headphones in. I smiled slightly and walked over to her. I brushed her hair behind her ear. Her phone lit up and i looked down. I smiled. She was listening to "fearless" in her headphones. I pressed pause and slowly took her headphones out. I wrapped them up on her phone and place it on the nightstand.

"I'm so sorry sammy. I shouldn't push you. I love you sam. I really do. I am sorry." I leaned down and kissed her forehead. "I love you." I whispered and walked out, shuttig the door behind me and started to make lunch.

"I'm so sorry sammy. I shouldn't push you. I love you sam. I really do. I am sorry." Taylor whispered and kissed my forehead. "I love you." She whispered and walked out, shutting the door behind her.

I slowly opened my eyes and sat up, dumbfounded. "Taylor...loves me?" She has never told me that before. Nobody has. Nobody but my dad... But i'm 14 now and he died when i was 11.I heard forks clank. She must be making lunch. I slowly stood up and fell back down and hit my head. "Ahh. Fuck." I said. The door burst open and taylor ran to me. "Sammy are you okay?!"

I looked up into her eyes. She was genuinly worried. I chuckled, "yeah. Just a damn hangover." "Ooh no. You're bleeding. Here follow me sweetie." She stood up and so did i. She put her hand on my forehead, holding thebleeding cut. We went into the bathroom and she sat me down on the toilet. She rummaged through a first aid kit. She pulled out rubbing alcohol and wetted a towel with it. "Taylor. Really i'm fine. You don't have to worry." She just ignored me and got out bandaids. "This might sting a little." She said. I nodded. "Here if it hurts take it out on my hand." She reached her hand towards me. I looked up at her and her eyes still had worry in them. I took her hand and she put the towel on the cut. "Ahh." I gasped out.

"Sorry." She whispered and rubbed it around. I gripped her hand tightly and she took the towel away. she rubbed my hand. She took a dry towel and wiped it. "Almost done." She said. She took out a band-aid and placed it over the cut.

"There all done." She said. I chuckled "thank you taylor."

"Anytime." She said. "Now come on i have grilled cheese and soup waiting for us." She said. I realized i was still holding her hand and i pulled it away. She looked down and i stood up. "Okay." I said and we walked out to the kitchen and started eating.

We ate on the couch and she put the dishes away. She sat back on the couch and she pulled me into her. "I'm sorry about before sam. I overreacted. I am just trying to help you because i care about you and i love you." I didn't know how to respond. She loves me but i really don't know if i can love her yet...i can't love anyone or else they will leave me just like my mom did. And my dad died. "I know." I said simply and i curled up into her. Her warm embrace enveloping me while we watched grey's anatomy.
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