Shinobu Kocho ; 🖤

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Shinobu x fem!reader angst

This chapter is for @WellwellwellWelp !!

Warnings: includes mind erasing & depressing shit so prepare your water works :) ALSO, MANGA SPOILERS!!

Warnings: includes mind erasing & depressing shit so prepare your water works :) ALSO, MANGA SPOILERS!!

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Happiness always comes with a cost. That's what the wise say. But with each mission Shinobu had went on, you couldn't help but feel dissent. She fought for her life and others, oftenly putting her own life in danger. The thought of having a chance of losing her.. not being beside you and being unable to feel her warmth under your touch... It sickens you to the core.

You had a few reoccurring moments that had caught you off guard. It was how saddened she was to losing her juniors.

She might not show it at first, but whenever she received the news from her crow that another demon slayer member had passed away, it truly pains her. She gets home to you, and would always cling onto you, gripping on your shoulders while trying to hold in her sobs with her face buried on the crook of your neck. You knew she was sorrowed, hurt.. And angry. You couldn't stand seeing her like this. She doesn't deserve it. She doesn't deserve this in her life.

So you did the only thing you can do.

Make her forget.


"Kocho.. stop it, you're only gonna hurt yourself." You sighed, watching her practice and train all by herself on your backyard.

"You've been going for hours. You deserve some rest."

"No... I really don't." She said in between her breath. You looked at her with a surprised look on your face.

"I don't deserve anything. Not if i keep failing as a pillar." She said through her gritted teeth.

You frowned, unable to say anything.


The night was quiet, cold and lonely. The wooden planks you stood on damp from the showering rain.

Next to you, stood your lover, Kocho Shinobu. You glanced over at her, which in return she gave you her usual sweet smile. But you know. You know that it was nothing but a front. Your chest ached with something bittersweet. You knew what you had to do.

After the death of her older sister Kanae, and watching her friends breathe their last before her own eyes.. over and over again...

You knew she couldn't handle any more. She didn't deserve it.

You clenched her hand in yours, forcing a smile on your face and you pulled her into your arms. Embracing her under the shelter of your minka.

This is just how things are supposed to be. This is what you have to do.

You let go of her, and saw her wondering eyes stare into yours. "(Y/n)..?"

"Don't you ever worry, Kocho.. I'll keep you safe and happy. Always."

No matter what it takes.

You turned to her and leaned over, gently placing your hand on her cheek and the other still holding her hand. You placed a kiss on her forehead.

Whatever sorrowful memories she held, you disposed of it. Opening your eyes to look at her saddened ones, you noticed something in her eyes.

She knows.

She remembers everything.

Your heart skipped a beat, a part of you knew that she would not be happy with the fact that you have been erasing her memories without her permission. Though you always convinced yourself that it was for the best. For her and yourself. That..
This is just how things are supposed to be. And this is what you have to do.

"(Y/n), I don't.." shinobu was in shock, and her hands gripped on your clothes in reflex as she panicked, feeling her memory lose piece by piece. She began to breathe heavily and placed both her palms on her face, trying to keep herself from forgetting.

tears formed in your eyes. You felt horrible. Why do you feel so horrible? You're doing the right thing. So... Why, why do you feel an overwhelming guilt?

Shinobu lifted her hand, staring into both of her palms, she couldn't remember.. remember what? She couldn't-..

You shook your head and gripped on her shoulders. "It's okay, Shinobu. I'm doing this for you!" You forced a huge smile on your face while she remained unfazed. Her usual sad eyes now empty. She stared blankly at nothing before going limp, unconscious as you caught her.

"I'm sorry..." You sighed and carried her to rest her down her bed. Wiping a tear from the corner of her eye and kissing her goodnight.

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