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deal with the devil
The term "a pact with the devil" is also used metaphorically to condemn a person or persons perceived as having collaborated with an evil person or regime.

"Demons can make deals with other demons?" Ciel asks as he looks up from his paperwork. Sebastian nods stiffly, eyeing his master carefully to read his expression.

"How does that work? Aren't you under contract to me?" He asks, setting his palms on the desk as he looks up at the two demons before him. (Y/n) watches with an unreadable expression and standing silently beside Sebastian.

"Yes, I am but a demon contract is different to a human contract" Sebastian explains languidly.

"If I may speak, although it is a little confusing it is beneficial for demons as we basically live for the 'tit-for-tat' lifestyle" (y/n) tries to explain to her best abilities. She doesn't expect a human to understand the logistics of the demon world. She's surprised that Ciel even cares, he usually doesn't bother with business outside his own.

Sebastians hums "It's still a little taboo for us but us demons will do anything for our own benefits"

Ciel understands that demons are selfish and possessive creatures but the thought of demons doing deeds for others is foreign to him. He assumed that they wanted nothing to do with each other if every demon had Sebastians attitude.

"We'll spare you the long and frankly boring details of a demon contract, but (Y/n) is now to listen to my commands as I have accepted a deal she had inquired" Sebastian explains quickly. He could go on forever about contracts. Ciel nods and sees it as good enough.

"I'm guessing you'll be staying here then" Ciel looks towards (Y/n) who nods silently, hands folding in front of her out of habit. He spares no more attention and turns back to his work.

"You may go off and do your own duties" Ciel send the two away with a flick of his hand. Sebastian bows and (y/n) watches silently, waiting for a cue to leave.

Sebastian waves a hand to tell the demoness to follow. She follows silently, hands folding in front of her skirt.

She closes the door behind her quietly, leaving the little Earl to his own devices. Sebastian nods and walks ahead.

"(Y/n), be a dear and remind me of who this 'demon' is?" Sebastian asks, hand coming up to place it on the girls back, silently pushing her foreword. She sighs.

"I think he goes by Claude now.. although I'm not sure" She answers, eyes flickering down to the long carpet. He hums and looks foreword, allowing the candle to light the way even though he could perfectly walk around the manor blindfolded.

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