It Takes an Assassin to Capture One

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I slowly opened my eyes to find myself lying in a heap of hay around some horses and some grass. I blinked a few times before I actually stood up. I dusted hay and dirt off myself and made sure I had all my weapons and that my bass guitar was still strapped on my back.

"Phew I'm all intact…now where in the hell am I?" I wondered out loud.

As if on que, some dude with a sword whizzed around and started yelling at me in some sort of different language that I was too focused on his sword to translate but the word 'Assassin' left his mouth.

"Merde." I muttered before canning my surroundings.

The guard started closing in and I panicked and tried my best to run by him and make a break for it. I almost made it through without damage but, unfortunately he managed to slash my side causing blood to ooze from the gash; that didn't stop me though. I kept running until I got into a town. It was quite small but, it seemed full of busy people. Some of the guards looked at me funny and people all stared at me in horror.

'I have to find out where I am.' I thought to myself.

I was about to go up to a guard and ask him myself when I saw a figure behind a building watching me from underneath a hood similar to the one I had on, only mine was currently down. I raised my hand and pointed at him.

"Hey you!" I yelled while walking in his direction.

The person's facial expression changed to a frown seemingly to mask his shock and he started running away and I ran right after him. I was right on his tail until he started scaling one of the buildings.

After getting to the top he looked back down at me and smirked and then kept running.

"That's how you wanna play monsieur l'assassin?" I shouted while also scaling the building only I climbed faster than he did by using the wall jump. After making it to the top I looked around for him but, failed to find him.

"Looks like I lost him." I sighed while looking at the roof of the building I was on.

I looked back up to try to scan my surrounding again only to come face to face with a colossal castle in the mountaintops and due to the fact that I was an assassin, I recognized the massive structure almost instantly.

"Holy Shit…that's the hideout the assassins used during the crusades…am I in…Masayaf?" I mumbled to myself.

I cringed only now realizing that I was still bleeding to death and gripped at my side, soaking my hand in with my blood.

"I didn't think that the bâtard got me this bad. I better find somewhere to clean this up."

I didn't hear anyone creep up on me but, apparently they did and they knocked me out for the second time today. The last thing I remember was being carried over someone's shoulder and they jumped from the building and started sprinting….and that they smelt delicious.

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