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mingyu had never drove his motorcycle so fast in his life, after receiving a call from wonwoo, hearing him on the verge of crying was enough for mingyu to grab his jacket and come over. it had only been a few hours since their arcade date ended.

he reached the door and didn't hesitate to let himself in when wonwoo texted him, telling him to come in and go to his room. when he entered, he had to at least check multiple doors that were situated in the upstairs corridor before finding the door to wonwoo's room.

he opened the door to see wonwoo scrunched up on his king sized bed, engulfed in a blanket and cuddling the calico cat plushie mingyu had won him. "wonwoo?" mingyu called, shutting the door behind him and walking closer to the bed.

wonwoo didn't respond, keeping silent and only shuffling on the bed when he turned to look at mingyu, a frown on his lips and eyes puffy and swollen. mingyu sat on the edge of the bed, eyes staying on wonwoo's depressed state as he asked, "you okay?"

wonwoo shook his head "c-can.. you lay here? i-i wanna cuddle." he stuttered with a quiet voice, patting the space next to him with his covered hands.

without hesitation, mingyu obliged and removed his shoes, placing himself next to wonwoo and wrapping an arm around the elder's body. mingyu could feel the heat from wonwoo's breath, feeling a damp part of the white duvet on his arm, assuming it was because of wonwoo's tears.

"do you want to talk about it?" mingyu asked, his head resting on top of wonwoo's. he could feel wonwoo nod from beneath his chin, but mingyu could tell that he was hesitant to talk about what made him upset. maybe he had an arguement with someone? but with who? "you don't have to tell me straight away if you don't want to. we can just stay like this if you want."

"i...i'd like that. a lot." wonwoo mumbled, nuzzling into the warmth that mingyu's body brought, wanting to let go of everything, every responsibility he had, and just- be in mingyu's arms forever.

he felt safe next to mingyu like this, he felt like he could just tell mingyu everything he was feeling right now, but that would probably be overwhelming for the latter.

mingyu had changed, he can clearly see that now from the younger's actions and attitude recently: so why were his friends being so cautious of mingyu again?

wonwoo would understand their cautious behaviour if mingyu was still acting like a criminal and was causing trouble, because that's obvious something to be a bit wary of. but now? when mingyu had been nothing but sweet and kind to wonwoo and his friends. he didn't understand why junhui and soonyoung were talking like that at all, because it's not like mingyu was a threat anymore or was dangerous in any way.

"can i ask you something, mingyu?" wonwoo asked, moving his head back so he could look at mingyu in the eye. "yeah, sure." mingyu responded.

wonwoo pursed his lips together, thinking that his question may be a bit forward. "what do you feel about me?"

the serious question had mingyu taken aback, not expecting wonwoo to ask that type of question. "i- er... what do you mean by that?" mingyu asked, knowing full well what wonwoo was asking him.

"feel as in... feelings of love." wonwoo said. "from the kiss we shared earlier, i know something is going on between us, but..."


"but... i'm still not sure what is really going on." wonwoo said sheepishly, feeling embarrassed for asking mingyu about this subject. wonwoo himself was feeling something towards mingyu, but he's scared that he will fall in too deep to only end up being betrayed in the end.

and the idea of feeling that kind of pain was a nightmare for wonwoo, and maybe that's why he hadn't really dated anyone after his last boyfriend. maybe that's why he knew nothing about what it was like to be in love, because what he was feeling back then wasn't love.

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