Chapter 1: The Siege - Act. 1 - 2

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Dawn is breaking, sunrays slowly shining through the lands of Winggets. An unknown group is slowly gathering on top of mountainous terrain. These groups are a mix of soldiers and mercenaries alike that gathered together in order to prepare for the decisive battle. Readying themselves to launch an attack on the enemy-occupied Corona Citidom below. Citidom, a vast vicinity that is confined in a fixed area wherein a community of Able resides and is living within its society. Having commerce, industry, military, and politics as its primary objective, and are under the authority as well as ruled by a Precider. Both soldier and mercenary groups drew out their weapons, ready to take orders from the ones who are leading them. While everybody was busy mustering their courage, a young male with soft and vibrant white hair slowly walks up in front of the gathering troops. Having an average height of five feet and eight inches, this young lad has a firm and strong posture yet at the same time gives an aura of gentleness; resembling that of nobility. Feeling the mildness of the morning wind caressing his face as he overlooks the entire landscape waiting for someone or something. Bearing a scar in the shape of an arrow covering the left side area of his eye, it served as a reminder of what was about to unfold soon. This young able holds within himself the task he must fulfill for his people as well as the revenge he had sworn to take. He is Lox Winder, the Me-reet of Corona, and sole successor of the late Precider Winder. Accompanying him eventually is his most trustful and loyal soldier-knight Universe. Both of them gazed at the entire field whilst discussing strategies they have already formulated one last time.

Corona is a remotely placed citidom that was once a peaceful and bustling site that had been reduced into a prison-like fortress by its conqueror. Heavily occupied by an independent military group composed of mages and soldiers within its rank. They were recognized as the Solaris Magi Organization, an independent military state that is very elusive to the eyes of all Ablekind. Their goal is unknown, and their motives are sometimes bewildering. Not settling in a fixed area, these groups move from one place to another. They never bothered the citidoms, and almost disappeared instantly without a trace. For many years and even generations this is what they've been doing, and so are left alone; until one day, they decided to invade the citidom of Corona. As they view the corrupted citidom from above the mountains, Lox recalled his dark past, the cause, and origin for his path of vengeance.

Ten years ago, Corona was suddenly invaded by Solaris lead by none other than their supreme commander, the Prime-Magi. Their intention was to lock down the entire place whilst searching for an object called the Alpha Rune. The object was placed within the top of the Royal Dwellings central tower and served as the families heirloom. Three days -- before the forcible occupation on the citidom took place -- the Prime-Magi was able to hold on to a piece of information about a certain heirloom that closely described what he had been searching for. With this, he moves without a second thought and immediately planned his upcoming invasion. Due to the element of surprise the citidom's army was unable to prepare itself from the invaders and so was subdued effortlessly. After the place was slowly filled with Solarian troops, the Prime-Magi immediately headed towards the central tower but as he was about to enter, the main entrance was barricaded and was heavily guarded by the Royal Valiants. Being the most elite of all the Soldier-Knights and the last line of defense for the royal family of Winder, they stood their ground defeating any Solarians that tried to make their way towards the tower entrance before barricading themselves within; this was not the case for the Prime-Magi. With a simple swing of his right arm he destroyed the barricades with ease, and defeated the Soldier-Knights with his Magicka then afterward he proceeded to enter the lift leading to the chamber were the Alpha Rune is. As the Prime-Magi was about to enter the chamber he was greeted by another Soldier-Knight. This Soldier-Knight tried to thrust his lance but was blocked by an invisible power. The Prime-Magi already used a spell called Wall, blocking any physical attacks within proximity. He deflected his attacker and trap him inside a Magicka prison then drew himself closer to the terrified royal family. Precider Winder held tight his son but was dragged out by the Prime-Magi's psychokinetic ability. He questioned the enemy's motive as he slowly levitates towards him, the Prime-Magi only responded with a question and asked the Precider about the Alpha Rune, in which to no avail got an undesired answer from him. Infuriated by his response, the Prime-Magi placed his left palm on the Precider's chest, then suddenly his spirit was slowly gushing out from his body and into the enemy's hand. He was asked once more, the Precider could feel himself getting weaker, yet he still refused to answer. As the Prime-Magi was about to end Precider's misery, a young Lox suddenly ran towards him and called his attention. He told the Prime-Magi that he remembered a certain object before it was hidden. It was delightful news to the enemy, and without further hesitation the young boy was asked about its location. Lox walked towards a table in a small stage, he looks at it and it was empty. He then activated a hidden key that eventually revealed a dark glowing object sealed within a Magicka barrier. The Prime-Magi was awed as he was staring at the Alpha Rune but then noticed the Magicka seals wrapped closely to it. He was aware that it was protected by Magicka and deshelling the Alpha Rune would not be an easy task; but the Prime Magi stayed optimistic and calm. He knew as well that it will require him a lot of time and so was the planned invasion brought up firsthand.

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