Elegant 2

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"Look. Isn't she beautiful?"

"What a beautiful girl. Is she an actress?"

"What beauty...What grace..."

Monet finally perfected her high heels walking course!

Mother and daughter walk inside a salon after being greeted by the salon stuff.

"Madam, you didn't say your daughter is so beautiful. Why did you just brought her now?" The manager pouts playfully.

"You. She always gone to a different salon but I force her today. Tomorrow is her wedding day. I want you to do her hair cause I know how good your hands." Mrs.Yurlin laughs obviously enjoying the gaze Monet is getting.

"Very well. What would you want me to do with you today, Ms.Beautiful?"

Monet pause and smile.
"I want you to cut my hair short and to color it red."

Mrs. Yurlin shockingly look at Monet.
Everyone else working in the salon gave the same look.

"But your hair is long and beautiful. We can do alot of style using it." The manager is shaking looking back at Mrs.Yurlin. Mrs. Yurlin is a patron and she always gave a big tip. Also she is one of the best customer that gave recommendation. If they fail to give a satisfying haircut to her daughter what will happen to them?

"Monet, why are you.."

"I can't choose my own haircut?" She asks confuse.

Her mother feels her heart tighten. They did force her to marry a man she barely knew but that man is very high caliber and Monet didn't shows rejection but she also didn't show happiness.
It appears her daughter is not very happy with them as a parent.
She is against that revolutionary hair color but so be it. She has to give in to her daughter's desire.

Monet thinks red is elegant. It is revolutionary and it's rebellious. Red is also a color of many emotion.
She always want to wear red colored dress but knows it is impossible.
Also, she thinks that a drop of red in that beautiful white long wedding dress will make it more appealing and beautiful.
She is beautiful.
Any color will suits her,
She thought.

After that she walks out the Salon with a new look.
Making everyone unable to look away from her.
Red hair gave her a more feminine and sexy feel.
She didn't change the way she walks or her clothes but she looks very different, a matured woman.

"I think your hair is beautiful. But what will you do in your wedding?" Mrs. Yurlin thinks that Monet looks good but still bothered with that red short hair.

"Nothing. Let it down. Just decorate it with white orchid flower."

"I see. I will ask your wedding planner."



"I haven't seen my husband or his family visiting me. And tomorrow is the wedding day."


"I am not mad or sad but it will be bad for our family's reputation if they treat me like this. I hope you can tell them to value our face even more."

Mrs. Yurlin blinks and then she become serious.

"I understand."

When they arrive home Mr.Yurlin almost have a heart attack seeing Monet's new look.
But instead of being scolded, Mrs.Yurlin grab his husband away and talks to him seriously.

That afternoon, Ian and his parents arrive.
Monet slowly walks downstairs.
Ian is shock to see such a young and beautiful girl wearing such a dramatic color in her hair.

Mrs.Cornelian stare wide eye at Monet. Mr. Cornelian also has that shock appearance but he hides it in an instant.

"Good afternoon." Monet said and sit down.
They are sitting comfortably in the living room.

"I was informed that you want to talk with us?" Mrs. Cornelian said smilingly.

"Not really. But I am glad to meet you finally." Monet smiles equally but both smiles didn't let her feel superior or inferior.

Makes the Cornelian couple feel a bit affection toward this woman they hastily choose for their son.

Ian coughs.
"If there is no reason then I wish for you to not have called us here. Tomorrow is our wedding and you can see us whenever you want after." Ian said and stare at Monet.

Monet tilt her head.
"Mr.Ian, I do know that you are forced into this marriage. But that doesn't gave you the right to show that in public." Her calm reply stunned the other people present.

Ian knits his brow.
"I am not showing impoliteness,right?"

"In the contrary, you do."

"Oh? You want me to come here daily? Court you? As you said, we are both forced into this. Sir, Ma'am, forgive my words." Ian said and look at Monet's parents.

"Mr.Ian, we already am married by contract and our parents design. And you showed by not visiting me your uninterested with me. What do you think will the upper class woman will think of me? I will be belittle in the society and people laughing behind my back will increase."

Ian frowns but says nothing.
Monet calmness makes it seems like she is not arguing but only informing him. Makes it easier for Ian not to get mad.

"You mean my unattentiveness is causing you to be ridiculed?"

"Yes. Please as my future husband, as I mind your reputation, mind mine as well."


The air become heavy and no one give any response.

"By the way, why didn't you bring your son?"
After the long silence Monet ask.

"You want to meet my son?"

"This...are you perhaps hoping I dont?"

"No. That is.."

"To be honest I hope you come bringing him so we can be familiar to each other. I am not a mother, Mr.Ian. I am a woman brought up by my parents alone. I don't have siblings. If you expect me to suddenly like a brat is unacceptable even for you. So I was looking forward in spending more time with him. Sadly, you do not trust me."
Monet takes a glass of water and drink it.
Her lips and throat are dry. Being the talker is quite exhausting.

"I guess, I really did wronged you."
Ian said and cross his arms tapping his shoes in the floor with a squinted eyes.

"Hmm. No bother, you have a lot of time to pay me back. For now, I guess you should teach me alot about yourself and about our son."

Ian nods.
"Let's talk over a meal."

"That will be good too. But it is too early for dinner." Monet said and look at her hand watch.

"Then can I invite you to have dinner later?"

"Hmm. Okay. I want you to arrange newspaper photographer to 'secretly' photograph us eating and for them to write a good review about our relationship."

"I will handle that. It is nice talking to you,Monet."

"Hmm.I enjoy talking to you too. But you should talk more. It dries my lips and throat when I talk mostly."

The in-laws can only look at the two in an undescribeable feeling brewing in their heart.
As if there is something wrong but they can't pin point what because they are logically right,in a sense.


My throat is also dry.
I want to drink coffee but I have one in the morning. Too much and it triggers my acidic reaction(Throwing up).


My guy cousin looks like a girl.
And he is boasting about it.

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