Where Are We Landing? - I

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A second of silence rang through the air as the two stared at each other, motionless and still. The clock ticked high above their heads, a continuous rhythmic beat that pounded through them. Their eyes fixed on each other, their back pressed hard against the wall, as one they sighed. 

Richard clasped his hands together, looking around the room. "So... Is anyone going to tell me why she's here?"

Charlotte stared at him from across the room, hands lying dormant beside her, annoyance yet relaxation evident on her face. Her long, white hair was tied up behind her, speckles of black showing through at the roots, complementing her dark skin. She scoffed.

"I told you, because she's an important part of our plan." Richard's eyes wandered over to the corner of the room, brushing over Laura's slightly lighter form. "Or, at least, that's what Miss Fortbec said."

He smiled sarcastically back at her. "Yes, thank you Laura, I already knew that. I'm asking why she's here when she so obviously doesn't want to be here?"

The silent, scowling girl scoffed once more. "She has a name, you know. And she would suggest you use it before she starts beating your face in. I came on this stupid mission in this idiotic ship because I felt like it and only because of that, so don't get any ideas. Also, you owe me. You owe me big time. Not only did I save your butt, but I also brought you all this loathsome equipment that, may I just add, you have yet to use, and it took me quite a while to get it past all the soldiers. It better have been worth while."

Laura smiled at her, moving closer. "You know, that would have to be the most I've ever heard you say."

"Well, you haven't known me for very long. I talk in small bursts with long pauses in between. I'm not about to change just because a few new faces showed up so get used to it."

She nodded. "Oh... okay." At another attempt of friendliness, she plastered a large grin on her face and offered a hand out in warm welcome. "I don't think we've been properly introduced yet - I'm Laura, and it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you."

Charlotte looked at her, looked at her outstretched hand, and rolled her eyes, slapping the hand away. "Get lost."

She turned to Richard, a contorted expression held on her face. Her hands slid down and she mouthed several words that looked like 'help me win the bees', but honestly, it could have been anything. Richard frowned, mouthing back to her, 'what?' She sighed and shook her head, turning away and walking through the empty frame into the conjoining room of which held the majority of the group. 

Confused, he swiveled to face the woman sitting opposite, contemplating in silence. He cleared his throat, "Hey, so, aren't you supposed to be flying this or something?"

She flicked a finger at the computer beside her. "It's on autopilot. Stop talking."

Hands delved into his pockets and he followed Laura's trail, leaving the room in quiet acceptance. A deep breath in and air rushed out his mouth. A dull film formed over his eyes. 

His eyes brightened however as he strode into the conjoining room to see the rest of the crew laying around the room, pressed against walls and flopped over chairs, fiddling with objects, and standing upright, arms crossed, staring off into the nothingness. He smiled.

"What are we all doing?" He held his hands out to the side and did a strange dance whilst moving forward. "Just lollygagging around?"

Laura frowned at him. "What are you doing?"

He stopped, lowering his hands to his side. "Just trying to lighten the mood."

She grunted and turned away. 

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