Chapter 8-Shh, Don't Move

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Sullivan's Piano Room---->

Heal by Tom Odell to the right is the song Sully is singing in the beginning so take a listen! And yes I changed it a bit to fit into his mood. 

Chapter 8

Shh, Don't Move

Sullivan’s POV

My fingers dance across the keys slowly as I close my eyes while rocking back and forth to the music softly before I start singing. “Take my mind and take my pain. Like an empty bottle takes the rain. And heal, heal, heal me. Take my past and take my sins. Like an empty sail takes the wind. And heal, heal, heal me. And tell me some things last. And tell me some things last. And take the heart and take the hand. Like the ocean takes the dirty sand. And heal, heal and heal. Take my mind and take my pain. Like an empty bottle takes the rain. And heal, heal, heal me!”

I look around the room and sigh. My head is pounding and my body is aching. I lift the glass of scotch to my lips and chug it down quickly. My throat burns as the warm liquid travels down before settling in my stomach. I pour another glass and chug it down before standing up and walking over to the window with the bottle in my hand.

“I hope to whatever god is out there that I don’t get a massive hangover tomorrow.” I sigh and drink straight for the bottle.

With one last look at the large yard, I turn and leave the piano room/library. I stumble my way to the kitchen while draining the bottle dry. My eyes zone in on the knives sitting on the counter and I make my way over to them slowly. Grabbing the quickly I shove them into the drawer and slam it shut before I change my mind. I stumble over to the fridge to grab the bottle of wine and make my way up to my bedroom for the night.

“Sir, are you okay?” A deep voice asks from behind me. I look back and see Markesan watching me closely.

“Yeah, why are you up?” I ask while leaning against the wall.

“You shouldn't be drinking Sir.” He says with furrowed brows while watching the bottle in my hand.

“I paid a good $250 for this bottle. I'm going to drink it.” I slur and stumble my way upstairs.

“Very well Sir. Have a good night.” He says but I don’t turn around and slam the door shut behind me once I reach my room.

Kicking off my shoes I drop onto my bed face first and sigh. Rolling onto my back I open the bottle after struggling for a bit. I sit up and bring the bottle to my lips before taking a big swing of the wine. I can’t believe I sent Mr. Vheris that email. Salivating? He probably thinks I'm a whore or a freak. Who tells someone that they salivate over a book? Well at least I didn't tell him I had a session with my vibrator after reading it. That would have been suicide material.  

A moment of weakness it was. I just wanted to let him know that I enjoyed his new manuscripts and maybe I had one too many glasses of wine to do so properly. My parents had left so I was free to drink my problems away. What I didn't expect was to send him that email. Okay I did but I didn't want to write what I did. Blame it on the alcohol. Isn't that a song? If it isn't it should be. I go to take another drink but find the bottle empty.

“God Damn it.” I groan and toss it on the floor while trying to get out of bed.

“Don’t move.” An angry voice says from the door.

“Daddy.” I say with a smile but he frown at me.

“Really Sullivan?” He sighs and drags me into the bathroom.

“I already took a shower.” I groan when he pushes me into the stall.

“Well I bet it wasn't a cold one.” He says and turns the cold water on.

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