Killah Kuwonu

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Killah POV

You know the Vibez me and my niggas, and Nick were coolin outside.

"Yeo, I talked to shorty yesterday. Her ass was buggin, hidin behind the door and shit." I laugh shaking my head.

"I was talking you Kilo, he goes to school with her, she a senior." Ace said.

Kilo is Ace lil bro.

"But the year just started, meaning she 17 I'll take my cash niggas." I extend my hand.

"Chiiiil!!!! I'll extend the bet." He smirks.

"Im listening." I stand against my car.

"$2500 of you can hit that on her 18th birthday." He says.

"Ohhhhh shitttttt." The other guys say.

"Bet, easy money." I keep a straight face, I ain't really known to laugh much.

I ain't really know the bitch, so I don't really give a fuck.

"Ight cut left, I got shit to do." I kick Lucas's balls.

"Owww fuck, what I do?" He asks.

"Nun." I shrug going inside.

I was working on some files in my office when their was a ring on the bell, Ima just let em leave.

5 minutes later and they was still ringing.

"What the fuck!" I slam my fist against my desk getting up.

I walk to the door annoyed, I open it rolling my eyes.

"THE FUCK YOU WANT?!" I say harshly.

"I-uhhhhh." My eyes glance down to the small figure, it's the shorty from across the street.

"Shit, my bad. What's good ma?" I ask.

"Uhhhh my mom wanted m-me to uh bring these over." She says looking up at me.

I ain't even realize she that short.

"Aight thanks." I extend my hand.

She starts shaking and shit, the fuck wrong with her?

She finally placed them in my hand.

She turns to walk.

"Aii." I call after her.

She turns.

"You can help me with something?" I ask.

"I don't know if that's a good idea." She says.

"Why not?" I ask smirking.

"M-My mom, she uh wants me home." She stutters.

"I mean maybe I can have a word with her." I say.

She shakes her head.

"Nahhhh I think I will." I walk out my house across the street.

I knock on the door and a fair skin women answers.

"Hello, May I help you?" She looks confused.

"Hello I'm Caleb, I just moved across the st—" I get cut off by her speaking.

"Oh so this the guy you made the cookies for?" Her mom stares at her.

Shorty turned bright red.

"I was asking your daughter for a hand, I still have a room to finish and I could use the help." I ask politely.

It was so fucking annoying trying to act like some sort of gentleman, if I could I would say.

You mind if I fuck yo daughter? I got money on dat ass.

"I guess, just be home by 11pm Paris." She smiles.

Ma whole colour faded, I mean ion look completely scary.

"Thank you ma'am." I smile.

She nods.

Me and this Paris chick walk to my house.

"I got a shit tone of work to do, ima pay you, but ima need you too paint these walls blue." I tell her.

"Your sons room?" She asks looking at the tiny bed.

"My nephew." I shrug.

I help set up, give her all the shit she needs and go to my office.

7 hours later and I was still going at it, niggas robbed my trap and I gotta track em down.

"Uh Mr. Caleb?" I hear a faint voice.

"IN HERE!" I yell not taking my eyes off the screen.

"Uh I'm done." She says.

"Why you always saying uh? A nigga ain't that scary, Damn!" I sigh.

"Sorry Mr. Caleb." She apologizes.

Hearing that name made me cringe.

"Don't call me that, my name is Zion." I bark out.

"Don't fucking yell at me, ion give a fuck what ya name is. And Yo ass the one who said ya name was Caleb!" She says.

Wasn't she just fucking soft?

"Bitch who the fuck you yelling at?" I ask standing.

"You nigga." She says.

I push her against the wall and lightly put my hand around her neck, I won't gon kill the bitch.

"Think before you speak shorty, my name is Killah in the streets." I look into her eyes.

"I still don't give a fuck." She says.

She think I'm stupid?

Her voice cracking, she shaking and she barely looking at me.

"Then why you breathing so heavy?" I ask.

"I don't know." She shrugs.

"Lies, and I hate liars, so don't lie to me."

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