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"Baby I'm counting on you"

- Big Time Rush


Jeongguk woke up in the middle of the night, he felt an arm wrapped around him. He looked up to see M/N-hyung being asleep. He lifted his head to look over at the clock, it was 3:04 AM he signed and tried to sit up. But he quickly felt how sore his body was, and a headache jumped right into his face. 

"Jeongguk lay back down. You haven't fully recovered yet" He heard as M/N-hyung sat onto his knees to put a hand behind his head, and slowly pushed his head back down onto the bed made sure not to give Jeongguk a bigger headache. "How are you feeling right now?" Jeongguk looked into M/N's eyes and said: "Better than before, I just feel dizzy and sore" M/N softly laughed and stood up from the bed "I will bring you a painkiller" Jeongguk didn't get to say anything, cause M/N was already out of the room.

Jeongguk looked up onto the ceiling to see how M/N's ceiling was filled with stars. Like the night sky. Soon Jeongguk got brought out of the daydreaming "Try to see if you can sit up a bit by using your arms" M/N sat down next to him and slowly gave Jeonggguk the glass with water and a painkiller. Jeongguk tried to lift his upper body by stabilising it with his right elbow "Now try to drink this" Jeongguk took the glass, the pills and quickly swallowed the pill. M/N takes the glass from Jeongguk and made him lay down again "Is there anything you need? I will bring it to you" M/N looked down and locked his eyes with Jeongguk's tired eyes, with a tired and sore voice the sick boy said: "Can you get my phone? Just...-" "Just to see if your hyungs have tried to get in contact with?" M/N got up from that bed and walked over to the chair where Jeongguk's stuff had laid since he got to Norway "You got a lot of missed calls from your family, friends, BTS and BigHit-" Just as M/N said that, the leader Namjoon called Jeongguk's phone. "Namjoon is calling, want to talk with him?" Jeongguk shook his head and looked into M/N's eyes with guilt "You've to let them know that you're okay" Jeongguk sighed and kept the eye contact with M/N. 

"Hello? Jeongguk!-" Jeongguk's eyes widened, M/N had picked up the call and had put Namjoon on speaker "Hello this is Jeongguk's friend, are you Kim Namjoon?" M/N walked over to his desk chair and sat down "Yes I'm Namjoon, where is Jeongguk? I have to speak to him!" M/N looked over at Jeongguk to his filled with tears "I don't think that Jeongguk can talk at the moment" He walked over to Jeongguk and pulled him into a hug with the phone in his hand "What do you mean? Where is-!" "Please wait a minute, and calm down no need to yell" M/N muted the call and turned down the voice of Namjoon on the phone. Jeongguk looked into M/N's eyes, tears ran down his cheeks as he held onto M/N's warm chest. "Do you want to talk with him?" "I- I don't think I c-can, he hates me..." M/N threw the phone onto Jeongguk's lap and cupped the younger's face "He doesn't hate you, he is just worried you can hear it. I can be next to you all the time, just say that you're okay. That you're somewhere safe. That they will hear from you soon" M/N signed after he said that, Jeongguk slowly nodded his head and laid his head on M/N's shoulder. 

"Namjoon are you there?" M/N turned on the sound again and unmuted the call. "Yes I am, where is Jeongguk? I have to-" "H-hyung..." Jeongguk let out with a sore voice "Jeongguk?! Is it you? Are you okay? Where are you?-" Namjoon started to blur out a lot of questions, Jeongguk didn't get to answer any of them. Tears started to fall again and sobs came out of the younger's mouth "H-hyung...-" The sobs got louder and couldn't speak "Namjoon I know that you're worried about Jeongguk but please try to calm down. He can't all the questions" M/n pulled Jeongguk closer and pulled his blanket around him so that he wouldn't freeze. "I'm sorry, Jeongguk... Please tell me where you're, we're all worried" Jeongguk reached out to hold the phone a bit closer to him as he said: "Hyung, tell the others that I'm somewhere safe. I-I can't tell you where you will only c-come and get me. You will h-hear from me s-soon, just wait... I'm sorry, I love you all..." 

Jeongguk quickly hanged up and started to cry even more. He felt so sorry for his family, members and their fans. He loved them, but right now he just couldn't... Couldn't take anything... 


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