Chapter 20 : It's Back

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"Dad, if I were to be like her one day, do you think I'm just going to push everyone I'll meet?"

"..We'll talk about that when you're older.. But I believe you can answer that question yourself, (Y/N)."

Unfortunately, father nor mother never did tell me more about their story, as the old me, a vulnerable ten year-old kid, continuously cried after our house was burned to the ground. I should've died there because there was nowhere to run, but I managed to escape, somehow.

'Did you even deserve to escape in the first place?'


Your whole body were shaking nonstop as the demon trail its fingers against your (S/C) cheek, the sharpness of his nails touching your skin made you screamed from the inside, desperate to call for help. If you were able to, you would threw up right then and there because of the close distance between you two. His gleamy red eyes observing your figure from head to toes, made you felt sick and nauseous as you knew he had probably devoured plenty of innocent people before.

"So this is the daughter of that pair of love birds. I expected better, if I were to be honest."

The man chuckled as he kept his distance slightly, but not enough to make you feel comfortable. Well, you never felt comfortable with his presence from the start anyway.

What does this demon wanted from you? Does he have some sort of connection with your parents?

"Ah yes, those eyes. It looked very similar to Yumi's.. I see you inherit some of her traits."

As if his words weren't sharp enough, the name he mentioned stabbed you from the back. It was hurtful to hear a demon such as him mention the name of your deceased mother.

"A thing like you never have any rights to say her name.." Subconsciously, you muttered the words, which then made the man flinched slightly. Though, you soon hear him chuckle again.

"Oh, what's this? We've just met, and you're treating me like I'm some sort of creature or something?" He asked with his deep voice. Amusement filled with each words that came out.

If only you brought your Nichirin sword with you, you won't hesitate to decapitate him.

"That's because you are." You exclaimed with clenched teeth.

He looked at your side, and noticed the missing scabbard and your sword on your waistline. The fact that you're truly vulnerable in his hands are enough to make him grin at you even more. He could do anything to you now, to make you suffer more from the pain you've been through. The man knew the fact of your village getting burned into ashes from the start.

He was there when the tragedy happened, after all.

His hand now getting its way to your hair, swaying them playfully in between his pale-looking fingers as you tried to struggle away from his tight grip pinning you on the wall. But it did not work. Much to your dismay, he only tighten them even more, and you could feel some nails of his are starting to scratch the surface of your wrist.

"It was a shame that your hometown had to experience such tragedy.. Not to mention, the unfortunate souls of your parents who died on the spot.. Am I correct?"

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