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{ Calum POV }
Bitch: what the fuck do you mean I didn't even know that he was your friend

Me: I don't fucking care anymore hoe

Bitch: why do you even care who I date

Me: because I fucking like you dumbass

Bitch: Bitch you only wanted me for my body

Me: not true

Me: I mean yes I do like Sexting you and having sex with you but there is more to you than that sometimes

Bitch: the fuck?

Bitch: Sometimes

Bitch: fuck it Calum

Bitch: find a new fuck buddy

Bitch: I'm so done with you

Me: fine bye hoe

Bitch: fuck you

Me: you already did

Bitch: stop fucking replying

Me: no

Bitch: ugh I'm just gonna
block you

Me: I know your lying

Your message could not be received right now try again later.

Me: you seriously just blocked me

Your message could not be received right now try again later.

{ Aqua POV }

Me: where are you I'm horny for you

Babe: ooooo well in that case meet me in the upstairs room in 5

Me: -new picture message-

Babe: well meet me now ;)

Babe: I can feel my dick rising as I look at the picture.

I got out of the bathroom and walked to the upstairs room.

I opened the door and strip down to my lingerie and laid on the bed and waited for Branson to come.

I needed sex to get my mind of Calum. Hopefully he's better than Calum.

I laid on the bed for a few minutes, till finally Branson walked in the door.

"You look like a Victoria Secret model that fucks so good." He said taking off his shirt consign up to me.

"Wanna find out." I winked.

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