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YUNA blankly stared at RYUJIN, smiling subconsciously. SEUNGMIN looked at her, rolling his eyes, he tapped her shoulder. "CAN YOU STOP STARING AT HER? YOU MIGHT WEIRD HER OUT." he whispered. YUNA groaned, "YOU RUINED MY MOMENT, AND YES I WAS STARING." the older sighed, he sat beside YUNA as per usual, CHAERYEONG entered the room, smiling at everyone except YUNA and SEUNGMIN.

"AISH...I HATE HER. I'LL MEET YOU AT LUNCH, I'LL GO TO CLASS NOW. FELIX MUST BE WAITING." the younger rolled her eyes, she glared at CHAERYEONG, the older just giving her a small glance before rolling her eyes. YUNA's blood boiled, she didn't want her near RYUJIN.


YUNA packed her stuff, she was about to go out when CHAERYEONG pushed her on her table. "HEY, STOP STARING AT MY RYUJIN. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO THAT. JUST GIVE UP ON HER ALREADY, SHE DOESNT LIKE YOU BACK." the younger scoffed, she pushed her off and dashed out. she got on her bike and went back home.

"UGH..STUPID ASS SHOES." she muttered to herself, gladly her parents weren't home. she hurried to her room, locking the door. she thought of a way to get rid of CHAERYEONG completely. until she thought of an idea. she grinned, "RYUJIN WILL BE MINE."

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