8: A tear in her eye

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A week had past since the Donation drive event . While on one hand the staff was preparing for the upcoming exams of its students , The students were filled with excitement as the much awaited annual fest of the Jonathan University was scheduled to be held in upcoming days.

The fest was very popular not only among its own students but also in the whole city due to its amazing organisation and execution every year that was done wholly by the Social Service Group of the university. No doubt why the passes of this event were sold at such a high cost.

Hence, the current Social Service Group , "Servers of Society " had alot of responsibility on its shoulders to keep up the name of the university and maintain the legacy of the event.

Aayat climbed down the stairs of her house while she answered the call of Humaira.

"Assalam walaikum!" She greeted Humaira and got a reply from her,

"Walaikum salam, Aayat. Listen , can you please pick me up from my home. Actually my car has went for servicing."

"Okay.. I will be there in 10 minutes. Be ready"

Saying so she cut the call and went to the kitchen. It was again a Saturday morning . She found her Ammi in the kitchen who was making pancakes.
A smile appeared on her face as she covered the eyes of her Ammi with her hands.

Her Ammi touched her hands with her's and said while smiling,

"Morning Aayat baby!"

Aayat pecked on her mother's cheek and said while still hugging her Ammi from back,

"Ammi! How do you always know that it's me...?"

"Mothers know everything beta" she said while slapping playfully on Aayat's cheek.

Aayat sat on the chair of the dining table and said as her Ammi served her fresh pancakes,

"Ammi, I will be going to university as we have a meeting regarding the uni fest of this year."

Aayat ate the pancakes fastly as she had to go. At the same time her Abba (father) came towards them.

"Assalam walaikum Abba!" She greeted him cheerfully.

He sat next to her daughter and patted on her head while replying with a smile to her daughter,

"Walaikum salam. How is my daughter today?"

She forwarded the glass of orange juice towards him while replying,

"Alhumdulilha Abba I am good.. "

He took the glass from her and said,

"Alhumdulilha.. sorry beta I know lately I have been spending very less time with you. I am so caught up in the work at office.."

She cut off her father in mid and said,

"No Abba, don't be sorry.. I know how worried you have been this week due to all the office work. Abba please take care of yourself. "

He nodded at her daughter and smiled sadly . She was done with her breakfast so she said,

"Abba, I will get going now.. okay.. I will be home early today. As it's Saturday and we don't have any lecture. I will just attend the meeting and than come straight to home. Than I will spent my time with my precious Abba okay. Allah hafiz"

"Allah Hafiz." Both her parents replied.

Aayat took her bag and went to her car. Without doing further ado , she instructed driver to go to Humaira's house.

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