Chapter 1

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Don't worry Carter we'll someday meet again. Huh, who are you? What do you want?
Why do you always appear in my dreams madam how do you know my name. I've certainly never seen a woman like you before, tell me what's your name my dear.
Don't worry carter we'll meet sooner than you think. Wait tell me your name. I have to by all means know your name. Please don't leave.

(Gasping for breath)
Day 5 and yet again I've had another dream of this mysterious girl of whom I've never seen before. What does she want is she trying to warn me of something she's always wearing the white angelic wardrobe that looks heavenly on her.

Sir Carter yes Arthur.
Sir might I remind you that you have a meeting with the council members tomorrow night. Yes Arthur I'm aware, what time is it? It's 7:30pm sir shall I get the car ready for your nightly stroll out.

Yes Arthur that would be greatly appreciated I say as I open my dark curtains to view the lights of the city below in all it's full glory of the night. As I get dressed me and Arthur head out of my chambers, oh sir Carter by the way I've prepared your breakfast just the way you like it.
Thank you Arthur.

As I enter the kitchen I find that my meal has been prepared for me a nice glass of Type A animal blood deer blood. Id rather drink animal blood than human blood I mean I used to be human and don't think that I haven't had cravings just the thought of human blood makes the blood sucking demon within me thrive with a throbbing hunger.
I make my way to the front door to find that Arthur has brought the car around. Sir carter will I be expecting you later on tonight? Don't wait up Arthur, sir I'd be advised that you don't forget that you have a meeting tomorrow night yes Arthur how many times must you remind me I'll see you later after all the night is still young.

With that I drive off heading in the direction of town. One of the things I missed from the eighteenth century was that we would we travel on horse back with out complications. It's taken me quite sometime to get the hang of this auto mobile. Things have changed I guess that what you could say I miss I've seen this world go through a lot of changes and watch castles fall and empires burn all of that feels like a long time ago now.

And I assume none of that matters anymore not to these people out here and certainly not to me times have changed and so have I. As I continue on the road I hear this noise thinking it's from outside when actually it's from inside the car, I then proceed to look around and start to feel a buzz in the pocket of my jacket. I then reach for it looking to see what's all the noise about I see it's one of my friend's sam that's calling.

Carter w-where are you?
You know you can't keep the girls waiting.
Yes Sam I'm on my way over right now, you better be! Alright then see when I arrive bye.

I then pull up into the parking lot parking the car it's now 8:05. I proceed to walk to the building as I get to the front door of the club I see the local bouncer there when he sees me he stops me. Are you on the list? No but I'd rather not do this I say as I stare into his eyes. You will let me in from now on until you die with no further questions asked. I will let you in until I die with no questions asked and he opened the door.

I enter the club there's dim lighting with a girl sitting at the counter as I pass her she says have a good time gives a little smile and waves. I then go through another door entering to were the girls are dancing and bar is. When it comes to this is something I wish they had back in the 17th century to be surrounded by women in one place uhh it's heaven.

I then see Sam and the boys Desmond and Jonathan sitting in the back of the club where it's with dim lighting. Carter you finally made it hey gents so did you order any drinks yet? Well we've been waiting for you and now that your here Jonathan go call that waitress over.

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