Chapter 1: New Law

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I throw my long, brown hair into a messy bun. I check my appearance in the mirrors of the New Law bathrooms. Not great, but it'll do I guess. Gathering my library books, I hurry out of the bathroom. I'm late for class!

As I exit the bathroom, I run into someone. Embarrassed, I glance from beneath my fringe to apologise. When I look up, I gasp in shock. It's Harry Styles!

"I'm sorry Harry!" I say, barely concealing my stutter.

"Don't worry about it," he smiles, placing his hand on my arm. "Hey, do you mind if I take a moment of your time? It's about the upcoming USU elections."

I can barely contain my excitement. Harry Styles is trying to give me a walk and talk?

"Yeah, sure. I mean I guess! Go ahead" I say nervously, hoping none of my friends in Student Unity see me talking to the Socialist Alternative candidate for union board.

He briskly walks me toward the voting booth at Fisher, but I've tuned out. I'm staring deeply into his eyes.

"Anyway, I guess you could say that Adore You is inspired by my admiration for Karl Marx" Harry stops, awaiting my response. He chuckles as I don't say anything, handing me a how to vote card.

"Just follow the instructions on this. I'll see you later." He winks at me, watching as I walk toward the line.

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