Dark Side - (Harry Styles/Vampire)

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Having a simple life is enough for most people. Helena is one of those people, she's happy with whatever she has; an almost perfect family, friends, and a dream she's willing to fulfill. She doesn't care about money, it's all about the important things that she have. It all changes when someone walks into her life.

Harry Styles is the name and he plays no other game. He will change everything about Helena; her innocence, her life, and her choices. Harry is not your average boy who moves into town and transfers to your school. Sure, he's sweet, quiet, and handsome, but there's always a dark side to innocence you show. What do you call a creature that stays away from the light, hangs around town every night, and drinks blood for strength? He may look like an ordinary boy but once you get to know him your life would turn upside down. You also might end up in a coffin, sleeping.


(Note: Sorry, this is edited. I changed the intro because my old one sucks. If you're still planning on reading this, thank you, but I apologize in advance if this book is going to be cliché. This book was born back in my carrot days so don't judge me and say, "Dang! So predictable!" or "That's overrated because everyone already made a story about that." I'm also editing this so don't even waste your time commenting, "Your grammar is horrible." Trust me, I know that because I already read the story and I still can't believe how horrible I was.)

Updated: Please read my new book "Diary of a Lost Bird". To be honest, I think that's much better than reading this crap. Just saying. >.>