-8-Out of All the People in the World, I Fall in Love With You?

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*Delylahs P.O.V*

I woke up with the worst headache in Deja's Headache History. I rubbed my head and popped up from under the covers.

"What happened last night?" i asked Pamela as she walked into the room holding a tray of soup.

"You and Gwen got drunk" She sat on the edge of my bed.

I felt my face twist into a confused expression. "Whoa" I chuckled. "Sounds like something we would do"

She laughed. "It was really funny too. You couldnt walk staight, you kept asking for a margirita in the car. You were like 'I neeeed one Pam! Im ganna die! Do you want me to die?' Then i said 'No but im still not getting you a drink. You're already drunk' Then you fell out of your seat" She told me, laughing through the whole story.

I chuckled. "Sounds like me"

She laughed. "Yeah. And Gwen was knocked out. And she has a boyfriend now"

I smiled wide. "Omg! Gwen did you hear that! You have a--" i stopped talking when i looked over at her. She was laying on her back with her arm and head hanging off the bed.

Pamela and I laughed.

"Wake up dude" i said, throwing a pillow at her.

She jumped then slid out of her bed and landed on her head which made me and Pam laugh more.

She groaned. "What the fuck dude?"

I laughed. "You got a boyfriend last night, yo"

She just nodded her head as she got comfitable on the ground. Then, her eyes popped open. Im guessing my words finally sunk into her brain. "Holy shit ferrealz?!" She yelled, jumping up.

"Yeah!" I yelled back.

She started clapping then jumped in circles.

Me and Pam just laughed at her.

"What about me?" i asked Pamela with a hopeful smile.

He smile faded then she shook her head.

My smile left as disappointment swept over me.

"But you did get alot of numbers! God know what you did with then.." she said chuckleing.

I laughed. Isearched in my pants pockets. "Damn. Whered i put em?" i said, getting kinda frustrated.

"Your bra?" Gwen said joking around.

I laughed. I started searching in my bra. "Its not gana be--" i then pulled out little pieces of paper. Numbers. Money. All that jazz.

"Daaaaaamn!" Gwen said. Then her and Pamela just busted out laughing.

"Holy cheese balls!" i said as i was pulling all the papers out. I put them on my lap then counted then out.

12 numbers.

28 bucks.


"Duuuuude! Tell me why, im so amazing!" i yelled.

They laughed. Then shrugged.

"Yeah! I dont know why either!"

I tried to get outta bed but my headache just hit me. I whinced in pain.

"Whats wrong?" Pam asked, concerned.

"Hangover. Can you make some banana smoothies? I heard they help when you have a headache."

She nodded then left the room. I got ready for a shower.. Just tokillsome time..


I got out of the shower then walked into the kitchen. As i walked past the couch i saw Gwen laying on it looking bored as fuck.

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