-7-Out of All the People in the World, I Fall in Love With You?

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I woke up in a hospital bed.

Then, my doctor walked in my room.

"Ah. Great. Youre up" he said, smiling. I looked at him. I still didnt feel like talking.

"You are going to be fine miss. You just have afew bruises but they will fade away soon" he told me.

I just stared at him.

"Miss? Are you ok?" he asked, worried.

I shrugged. I dont know if i was ok or not.

He nodded. "You have soon guest here. They say theyre your adopted sisters. I dont believe them but ill let them in anyways" he smiled at me then opened the door.

Gwen and Pam can running in and hammered me with questions.

"Shes not talking and i dont know whats wrong with her" the doctor told them "If you could get her to speak, thatll be great" Then, he left.

"Dee pleeeease talk!" Pam begged.

"Yeah! I wanna hear you cuss out Eric!" Gwen said.

I chuckled then shook my head.

"Pleeease!!?" they begged.

I just smiled. Then, i looked around. I motioned for them to give me something to write on.

"Paper?" Gwen asked.

I smiled wide.

"Ok. Ill go get some paper" Pam said, then, left.

I looked at Gwen and she looked at me.

I nodded.

She chuckled. "Hey"

I chuckled to. Then, Pam came back.

I wrote on the paper.

Then, gave it to them. They read it and their eyes got big.

"NO WAY!" Gwen yelled.

"Ssssssshhhh!!" i yelled at her.

"Sorry" she said.

"Dee are you ok?" Pam asked, putting a hand on my sholder.

I got the paper and wrote something down. Then, i showed it to them.

It said: I JUST WANT ANDREW =.........(

They both said Awwwww!!

I smiled and nodded.

"Hes getting out sooon" Gwen told me.

I wrote down: 'Soons' not good enough..

They frowned.

Then i wrote down: I wanna go home. This place smells weird

They laughed.

"Yeaaah.. Thats Delylah" Gwen said.

They left to go get my doctor.

I sat in my bed, wishing i was dead..

"Were home!" Gwen yelled, pulling up to my house.

We stopped ata walmart to buy me markers and a whiteboard.

We walked into the house and everything was so... quiet.

I looked around and we were all quiet.

No one was home.

"Where is everyone?" Pam whispered.

I just shrugged.

Then, we went into the kitchen and there, was a note.

Gwen read it aloud.

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