-6-Out of All the People in the World, I Fall in Love With You?

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Me, Gwen, and Pamela wonderd the mall. I was bored. I didnt really wanna go shopping.. Surprisingly. I didnt really care for it anymore. I didnt really care for life anymore. Its kinda pointless without Andrew. With him, everything made sence. Life made sence. But now that hes in jail and stuff, lifes just,, weird.

"C'mon, Dee! Try it on!", Gwen shoved a dress at me.

I lightly pushed it away. "No thanks. Im not in the mood", i said, calmly.

She groaned. "Youre not in the mood to do ANYTHING! Whats eating you, hun?", she asked looking worried. Pamela looked worried too.

"Its just,, the whole Andrew situation. Its killing me", i admitted, looking down.

They both said "Awwwwww!"

I just nodded and found a chair to sit on. I looked around and saw a note. It was crumbled and folded up. I looked around and no one was watching me.

Dont read it! Thats someone elses!

a voice told me.

I ignored it and grabbed the note. I opened it and read:

Dear Delylah,

I know that you live on Silvester St.

I know you live in L.A

I know everything about you.

Your favorite clor is blue.

You drive a Camery.

You love RicE-a-Roni.

I know youre with Gwendolyn and Pamela.

And that youre best guyfriends are Steven and Frederick.

I know your little boyfriend, Andrew,is in jail.

If you wanna know who i am, i suggest that you go in the parking lot near the food court.

-The Guy

I put the note in my pocket and got kinda scraed.

'Someones watching me', I told myself. And it creeped me out.

"Uh, Gwen, Pam, lets go", i called to them.

They come out of their dressing rooms.

"Whats wrong?", Pam asked.

"No time. Tell you when we get there. Now lets go", i said walking out of the store.

"Whats going on!? Are you ganna kill someone!??!", Gwen asked me.

I shushed her. "No. I found this note and this guy wants me to mee thim in the parking lot near the food court." I explained.

"It could of been for someone else, Delylah." Pamela said.

"No. It had to be for me. It had my name on it" i told them, not looking back at them.

"Theres millions of people with the name Delylah", Gwen said in a 'Duh' tone.

"You guys just dont get it do you", i yelled, smiling, "That note had my name. It had your names too! And it also knew that Andrew was in jail! Now tell me, how many people live at 13579 Silvester St. In L.A, have two friends named Pamela and Gwendolyn, and has her boyfriend, named Andrew,in jail?", i yelled at them.

THey looked speechless.

"Thank you. Now lets go", i continued walking.

We got to the food court and as i was about to open the door, Pam grebbed my arm.

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