Chapter 1

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- Chan Mi -

"Annyeonghaesayo. Im Chan Mi imnida. Please take good care of me!" i said and bowed 90 degrees. "Arrasso, take a seat near Jungkook" the teacher said. I smiled. "Ne" i said and went to the seat. He looked at me all the way until i settled down. I noticed him staring and it was annoying. I turned to look at him. I looked at him and tilt my head to the right. He snapped out of his thoughts and smirked at me. "What are you looking at?" he asked. I rolled my eyes and turned to the front. He does look hot to be honest. But hey, im just stating a fact.

"Mian! Im late!" A boy suddenly burst into the room. The teacher glared at him and he just smiled goofily. I smiled because it was a bit cute. He started walking towrads me. He looked at me with the * who are you* face. He sat down and turned to me. "Im Jimin. Park Jimin. Whats yours?" he asked with a warm smile. "Chan Mi imnida~" i said and returned the smile. He nodded. "Are you korean or?" he asked. I nodded and glared at him. "If im not, why am i even speaking in korean" i retorted and he chuckled. "I see youre sarcastic" he said. I smiled and we just faced the front.

- Jimin -

She looks different than all the girls ive seen. They wore slutty, revealing clothes because they want to date me. But Chan Mi is different. She wore a knee length skirt and a sleeveless top. It made me want to know her more.




Finally, class ended. After 2 hours of maths, we have music. The period everyone loves more than lunch break. I stood up and packed my bag. Chan Mi stood up too, and she was the perfect height. Not to short or tall. I looked at her packing her things. She looked so pretty.

She turned to me after she probably realized i stared at her. She looked at me with her hazel eyes. My heart started beating faster. I turned away, blushing. I could hear her giggle. I smiled to myself. Great job Jimin, great job embarrasing yourself. ._.

I dont know why, i was nervous to ask her for her number. She tucked her hair that was sticking onto her face. She turned to me and smiled. "See you later" she said. I couldnt help but smile. She made me feel shy. And small. "J-jakkaman!" i shouted. With my courage, i asked her. "Ne?" she asked. "Can i have your number?" I asked. She looked at me. For a moment, i thought she was going to say no. But soon, she smiled and nodded. "Here, you can write on my palm" i said. She giggled. Her hand felt so soft and warm, giving me this feeling ive never had for so long...

"Kam-kamsamia!" i said and smiled. She smiled and walked away.

- Chan Mi -

That was weird, totally. But it was cute how he took a deep breath to ask me for my number. I chuckled thinking about that. I decided to go to the bathroom to do some touch up.

And i saw the most disgusting, icky scene. Jungkook and a girl, making out. I shuddered. Why are they even doing it here? Like hello, you're doing it in the fucking bathroom. I just ignored them as i walked past them. I quickly did my hair that was annoying me. I tied it up and straightened my bangs. They were still making out, even worse. Doesnt he have some shame?

- Jungkook -

Did that Chan Mi girl shiver? To me? In disgust? And she doesnt give that look to Jimin hyung, sure. "Ugh, fuck off" i said to the girl and pushed her away softly. "Oppa! Oppa! Dont leave me!" she shouted. I waved my hand as i walked out. Now, where's that Chan Mi girl?

"Yah!" I shouted. She turned to me, and turned back to her locker. What?! "Yah! I called you!" i said. "What? What do you want?" she asked in annoyance. I swirled her around and pushed her against the locker. I held her wrist up onto the locker. "Let go off me!" she shouted. I smirked. I leaned into her. "Dont treat me like garbage" i hissed. She managed to push me away. She's strong. "How can I not?" she said and chuckled to herself. "B-bwoh?!" i said in disbelief. Does she not know who i am? Im from BTS! Im they boy everyone wants! She looked at me in disgust. And from there, she walked away.

- Chan Mi -

Well that was rude. He obviously think he can get any girl he wants. Well, not me. Rude.


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