Chapter three!

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I woke up, alone and cold on the couch. My heart was racing and my breaths were fast. I wipe my hands on my pants and run them through my hair, "another nightmare I guess" I say to myself as I pick up my phone, bad idea. My Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook and Tumblr were caked with harassment and hate "@kendallnator seriously? Why don't you quit complaining and start fixing shit!" Said one of them "@kendallnator Jesus! Why don't you just go and bloody kill yourself? You know the world would be better off!" "@kendallnator oh my gosh! Your hair? Priceless! Looks like a rainbow unicorn shat in your shampoo... Or maybe I'm just high"

I screamed and threw my phone on to the floor out of frustration. It was all getting on top of me, my grades, the bullying, college, family problems, Nala, it was all just to much, my brain couldn't handle it! I rushed to the bathroom and dug my hand into my cosmetics bag to find my razor. The razor slide along my wrist, the stinging started and then, a warmth. I made the second cut and then the third and fourth. By the fifth cut everything was numb and painless, as if floating. I felt happy.

I stood up dizzily and washed out the pool of blood from the bath. I changed out of my school stuff and into a black tank top, an adventure time hoodie and purple skinny jeans, my usual attire. I walked down the hallway which led to the lounge-room to check if my phone was okay. It wasn't smashed which was great, but I did have a few new messages from Samantha!

I flopped onto the couch and flicked on the tv, I watched a few 'Sabrina the teenage witch' re-runs and a documentary about giraffes, which unsurprisingly was boring as hell, my eyelids were heavy and I was yawning like crazy, soon enough, I feel asleep.

Whispers to an empty wind

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