Chapter two!

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I woke up in the nurses office, surrounded by my teacher, the principle and.... Sam? My heart skipped a beat and i began to move back. "Kendall its okay she isn't going to hurt you" said Mr. Smith, my teacher."Not until you leave she isn't" I mumble. I looked at myself, disgusted. I had purple blotchy bruises all down my arm and stomach, i had a black eye and a fat lip, good going Sam. Sam stood at the door with a smug look on her face.

"Oh so you're happy are you? Doesn't that make sense, you get enjoyment out of assaulting people don't you?" I scream out, loud enough to sound angry but not loud enough for the nurses to hear. She starts to walk over to me, she bent down and whispered "Yes, but your not a person are you? you are a porcelain doll with glass skin and massive black eyes, YOU. AREN'T. NORMAL!" She screams, i felt my throat drying up and the tears welling up in my eyes, I thought to myself "Don't cry, fight back, she is just as much of a wimp as you are", I wiped away my tears and yelled "YOU'RE JUST AS FAKE AS ME! WITH ALL YOU'RE FAKE TAN AND MAKE-UP YOUR A LITTLE BARBIE. YOU. AREN'T REAL!!!" She had that look in her eyes again, but the nurse came in before she could do any damage.

"Kendall you're free to go, but steer clear of her". I got up and left i tried my hardest to run but it hurt my lungs. I turned around, Samantha wasn't there for once. I grabbed my bag and left the building. When i arrived back home my friend was blasting out her music, i think it was green day? no it was 'Centuries' by Fall Out Boy. I loved this song, i plopped my bag on the floor and started bouncing around to the beat. She turned around, obviously suprised "OH HEY KENDALL" She shouted over the music, She paused it and sat down on our couch. There is only one thing bad about best friends, they know everything and can tell when you're sad.

"Okay, what happened this time?" She asked, I sighed and began to tell her "So um Samantha beat me up today" I rolled up my sleeves and rolled up my top so she could see my stomach, "OUCH! Want me to get you an icepack?" I nod my head and lay down on the couch. Now let me explain, I don't live with my parents, I live with my best and only friend Sophia who 18, one year older than me. My parents moved to England and I wanted to stay here in Sacramento, so i moved in with Sophia.

She came back with the ice pack and placed it on my stomach, I winced because of how cold it was. She laughed at me, I gave her a death stare.. she stopped.
*Sophia's P.O.V*
I felt sorry for Kendall, being bullied and all, I was the only one who knew the full exstent of this bullying, i was the only one who knew she used to cut. She is such a pretty girl, but all the other girls put her down and now she believes them and her self-esteem is nearly nothing, I looked over, to see her asleep, she looked so at ease, I decided I was going to go out with Vanessa, my other best friend, I sent her a text, left Kendall a note and left.

Whispers to an empty wind

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