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    "Thank you for coming," I say, running a hand through my hair as I hold the door open.

    "Of course," Amanda answers, stepping inside the hotel room.

    "I just know that she trusts you and I'm not exactly an expert in this particular subject." She laughs, waving me off as if to say 'it's not a big deal'.

    "Is she in there?" She asks, pointing to the closed bathroom door. When I nod, she knocks on the door. "Max? It's Amanda." There's a long silence on the other side of the door and at first I think Max is too embarrassed to open the door but then it slowly opens. Max gives me a look and I throw my hands up, walking away and to the other side of the hotel room.

I didn't even want to think about what I would have to do after Mandy helps her out. I'm not quite sure if I was ready to sit down and have a conversation with her about the birds and the bees. She's only 10, isn't it a bit early for her to start getting her period?

And I wasn't quite over the initial panic I was feeling before I knew what was happening. The fear in Max's voice was enough that I needed to hear for a lifetime. My heart still hadn't returned to its normal rate. Still, as soon as I knew what had happened, I wasn't sure who to call. I ended up texting Mandy, explaining what was happening and told her I'd give her money if she could bring Max whatever she needed to get through this. Normally, Clara would help me with this kind of thing.

Oh shit.

I never called Clara.

I quickly grab my phone of the bedside table, going over to the bathroom and knocking on the door. "I'm going to go downstairs and get some chocolate for Max, you want anything, Mandy?"

After a few moments of silence, she answers. "No, thanks."

"Okay. I'll be back." And with that, I head downstairs to the lobby. As I'm heading out to the front, I scroll through my contacts, easily finding Clara's and hitting the dial button. As it dials, I sit on a bench in the garden in front of the hotel.

"Hello?" Clara answers, sounding out of breath.

"Hey, beautiful. You sound like you were just working out, am I right?" I bend down as I talk, picking up a rock and tossing it up and catching it.

"Yeah, I've been at the gym for the past two hours cause I got bored and I hadn't heard from you." I could hear the annoyance in her tone.

"Yeah, sorry, this case is just really busting my ass." Liar. "But anyway, I had a moment to get away so I thought I'd call you and see how your flights went."

"They were pretty smooth. We had one big guy who had a panic attack on the plane. In the moment, it was kind of scary but looking back at it now, it was quite funny."

"How so?"

"I don't know I guess I've just been on and off planes my whole life so it's silly to me when anyone has a fear of flying."

"How was it scary in the moment?"

"Well, we thought he might tip the plane." I'm immediately shocked with the coldness she's giving off and I don't even bother answering. Does she seriously think making fun of this guy's appearance is funny?

"Clara, that's not cool. He could have health issues."

"He clearly does. Maybe he wouldn't if he lost a few."

"Well, that's not your business to judge."

"It is if he's on my plane, putting my life at risk."

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