Chapter Thirty-One: Village

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(Y/n)'s POV
I woke up. I checked the phone and it was past midnight. I got up and took a peek, no one was finally there. I walked out of the trees, exposing myself to the moon. I began to walk at the path, the path where Simon and Zach ran to. I dialled Simon's phone once again, only to no one answering.

I was hungry and dehydrated. I was cold, and the only thing I wanted right now was somewhere to stay at. I heard a branch break as I started running. I ran with all my strength, following the trail. And just when I felt like giving up, I saw a light from a distance. I ran with all my strength as I saw houses from afar. I started screaming for help as a few street vendors looked at me.

"Eh, miss?" He looked at me, as he said something in french to the other man beside him. The man nod for an answer and went towards me, "Do you need help, madame?" He asked in a heavy french accent. His english was good, and I couldn't help but felt relieved that someone understands me.

I squeezed his shoulder, "Please help me. I need a place to stay for a few days." I plead as he and the other man exchanged looks. He nod, "Of course, of course. Please, come along." He lead me to a small cottage as he opened the door, I was met by a lady with a baby she carries.

She looked up and greeted me with a smile. "Bonjour" she gave me a small nod and I nodded back, saying hello in french. They began to talk in their foreign language, as I looked around the small cottage. This seemed like a small village, as they have a small fireplace and cauldrons. "This is my wife, Patricia." He introduced me. "My name is (y/n), thank you for letting me stay for a while." I smiled.

"Ah, there's no problem. We help those who are in need." She chuckle, making me surprised from how remarkable her english is. She walked towards the bassinet as she slowly put her baby down, drifting off to sleep. I smiled and she lead me up the stairs.

"(Y/n), you must come from a foreign country I suppose?" She asked and I nod. "Y-yes, I am. I into a little trouble and I'm a bit lost." I chuckled as she nod back. We stopped in front of a door as she opened it, revealing a small room with a comfy bed and a small window.

"I'm afraid this is the only room we could give you. It's a little bit sma—" I walked inside and looked at her, "No, no. Its perfect. Thank you so much, Patricia." I smiled as she smiled back to me "Very well then (y/n), bonne nuit." She replied and head back down the stairs, leaving me alone in this tiny room.

I closed the door and went towards the window, giving out a huge exhale. I'm safe for now, but I know they will find me again. I lay down on the bed and took out the phone, dialling Simon's phone once again, only to get no answer. I threw the phone away and covered my body with the comfy blanket as I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

An hour later...

"(Y/n)! (Y/n)!" I heard a sound coming from outside. I shot my eyes open and got up, knowing that familiar voice. I looked outside the window and saw him. I felt so happy, I felt relieved that he was okay.

I opened the door and ran down the stairs, not caring that I made such loud noises flighting down the stairs. I went outside only and felt tears on my eyes, "Simon!" I smiled happily as he spread out his arms for me to hug him.

I ran towards him and hugged him, "I love you, (y/n)." He said as I felt his hand touching my hair, stroking it gently. He began to tumble and I frowned, "S-simon is everything okay?" I asked. I tried pushing him away but he wouldn't let go. I looked up at him, only to see him with tears running down his cheek with a frown. "I'm sorry." He whispered as he let go and fall down.

"Simon? Simon? Simon!" I yelled as I saw a knife behind his back, his blood staining my white dress. I looked at his face and started balling my eyes out. "Simon, wake up! This isn't funny!" I yelled, but I knew too well that he was gone.

Just then, I felt someone roughly took my shoulder and pushed me back up. I didn't dare to turn around, for I knew who it was. I was full of anger, but a piece of me felt betrayed. "You monster!" I said, balling my fist and ready to punch him when I turn around.

He put two of his hands on my shoulder, his breath tickling my ear. "I'll find you, (y/n)." He said as he put two of his hands on my neck, choking me. Just then, I opened my eyes. My eyes were running with tears, and I was out of breath and sweaty like I just ran a couple of miles away.

I looked outside the window, and was greeted by the sunlight. I looked down and there was no blood, no corpse of Simon. I felt relieved that it was only a dream. I heard a knock on the door, and I quickly fixed my face, wiping the tears away and fixed my messy bed hair.

I went towards the door, only to be greeted by Patricia. "Good morning, (y/n). Did you have a lovely sleep?" She asked, "Yes, yes I did." I chuckled. But I knew my sleep was far from the word lovely. It was a total nightmare. I looked down at her hand and saw a neatly folded clothing.

"I saw that you didn't have any luggage at all and I thought I'd lend you some clothes." She chuckles as I took them. I didn't want to accept it at all, but I knew I had to. My dress was stained with mud, sweat and it was ragged.

"Thank you, Patricia." I smiled and she smiled back. "The bathroom is just beside your room." She explained as I said thank you.

I went to the bathroom and took off my clothing, only to see scars and other cuts on my body that was not fully healed. I looked down on my feet and was relieved that it was now on the process of healing. I must have gotten treatment when I was drugged. I looked at the clothing and there was a pair of black leggings and a grey sweater. And she was generous enough to give me a pair of shoes.

I began to clean myself, but also go in the process of painful stings on my body.

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