Bloom 13: March 28th - April 4th

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Bloom: 3/28 - 4/4

Hello everyone! I know this is a weird and confusing time—feel free to go on a hiatus—but our rules are still the same. Please remember to complete your blooms on time. If you join our Discord, you'll get multiple reminders a week, not just the one I remembered to do a little late this past week.

The April BotM will be announced next week! For those of you who haven't done the March one, this is your last week to do so. Those who have to do it have already been notified.

We say this every week, but feel free to join Sunflower Writing Circle. We really need more members before we begin.

Now down to business!

Here are the terms in case y'all have forgotten:
- Blooms - the name of our assignments each week rather than just "assignment"
- Seedling Blooms - our first trial assignments
- Sunflower Blooms - our "official" assignments, aka for those not in their first trial

Now to the information we repeat every time in case you've forgotten:

Sunflower Blooms
Read two chapters and tag GigiMC_0308 in an in-line comment next to your username
(Look at "Process" chapter)
Note: If in group (three people, not two), read one chapter of each work

Seedling Blooms
Read two chapters and tag Jumping_Jiminys in an in-line comment next to your username
(Look at "Process" chapter)
Yes, always tag JJ (Jumping_Jiminys), even if you're reading a story by a different admin.

**Note to everyone: PLEASE review the "Comments" and "Process" chapters at any time for more information. They're here to help you!

As always, you can ask for an extension or hiatus at any time. More info on both of those is below and in the "Process" chapter. You can also get reassigned or get a permanent partner if you want, and more info on that is also below.

Here are the guidelines:

Guidelines (chapters over 1k words):
- leave 7+ in-line comments in each chapter OR leave a 5+ sentenced final comment in each chapter
- there should always be a final comment in each chapter (only has to be 5 sentences if there aren't 7+ in-line comments)

Guidelines (chapters under 1k words):
- leave 4+ in-line comments in each chapter OR leave a 3+ sentenced final comment in each chapter
- there should always be a final comment in each chapter (only has to be 3 sentences if there aren't 4+ in-line comments)

Permanent/Repaired Pairings

None. I should clarify that you can repair only if neither partner has started their review yet, so it's best if you check out their book ASAP (even if you don't plan on reading it immediately). You can also choose to repair before a bloom is posted. For example, you might really like who you were paired with last week, so you want to repair with them this week. It has to be okay with both of you, but that's perfectly fine. Just let us know before the next bloom is posted.

Sunflower Blooms
Pairing #1
Berrylove91 - To Love Again?
ucancallmerose - Loving You

Pairing (Group) #2
LSJLovename - Hope's Life
Lipika29 - Those I Loved Before You
BrokenwingButterfly - Blood Relatives

Pairing #3
MerMaidFanAtic - Songs of the Sea
GigiMC_0308 - Gateway to Aethera

Pairing #4
LunarAquarius - Killer Instinct: Carrie Unleashed
too_romantic - Third times the charm

Pairing #5
_Rebyl_ - Two Factions
TheStargazer_ - Crimson Rose

Pairing #6
TheWalkingDeathEater - Feral Citizens
lbbrookes65 - Guardians Inc., - To Protect

Seedling Blooms

*Note: Seedling members don't get to be a part of the strike system. If a seedling doesn't complete their first trial in time or doesn't ask for an extension, they aren't allowed to join the book club.*

Admin: Jumping_Jiminys
The Girl that Could

Perfect 10

The Year Package

Admin: GigiMC_0308
Gateway to Aethera


This means that you have asked for an extension of your last bloom, meaning you didn't complete it in time but want more time. Those who have asked for an extension and haven't finished their bloom by now won't have a new bloom this week, only their old bloom. Extensions only last up to two weeks, and they're not renewed automatically. If you've finished your extended bloom, you can comment done in-line next to your username in this chapter.



This means that you have asked for a hiatus, look at the "Process" chapter for more information. If you've asked for a hiatus, your username will also appear under here. A flower is next to your name if you didn't finish your last bloom and are on a hiatus. After you've been on hiatus for four blooms (one month), you will be asked to leave or rejoin.

Week 2: Medeophoebe


This means that you didn't complete your previous bloom and didn't ask for an extension. You will not be assigned anything new until you complete your old bloom. Each bloom (every week) that you haven't completed it, another strike will be added. Three strikes and you're out. Remember that your strikes never clear. Please check your PM.

*Note - These are only people who currently have an unfinished bloom. Some of you may have strikes that aren't shown here because you already completed your unfinished bloom.*

QueenXirinOfArvada - XX
shashi1903 - X

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