•Chapter One•

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Onika Tanya Maraj sighed heavily and glanced out of the window of her three-story house, tapping her pencil on her desk. She felt entirely too lazy to complete her work, seeing as it was Friday and she had plenty of other stuff to do, like go out with the friends she hasn't seen in forever or watch the season finale of Modern Family. Of course it had to be the day where she got distracted at work and had to take it home with her.

Onika sighed again and stood up from her desk, slamming the pencil down. She ran a hand through her straight black hair and turned to the window once more to notice the grey sky gradually getting darker. I guess I have time for a walk, she thought, her mood almost brightening. Turning up her music to the maximum and feeling to cool October wind on her face was just what she needed.

Several minutes later, she had changed into a baby blue jogging suit and a pair of her worn out black Nike's. She pulled her bright pink Beats over her head and stepped out onto her porch. It was cold, alright. The breeze made her cheeks and fingers instantly go numb. She smiled. She loved autumn.

Onika put her phone on Pandora and began bobbing her head slightly to the song that began to play.

Damned if I do

Damned if I don't

You know I got a girl back home

You got a man, whatchu want, whatchu want?

What these bitches want from a nigga?

On some DMX shit

I know them other niggas love trickin'

On some BMX shit

But not me

Now, I'm sure you done heard 'bout me

A black star, Mos Def, Kwahli

Girls saw them bad hoes try me, they try me

This is Martin Luther King in the club, gettin' dubbed

Wit' a bad bitch in his ear

Sayin' that she down for whateva

In the back of his mind is Coretta

And she knows. . .

She knows. . .

Onika felt a slight adrenaline rush as she began to jog to the beat of the song, the wind gently caressing her. The eerie feel of the atmosphere sort of matched with it, since the trees were all bare and it seemed as if the neighborhood was deserted. Golden and orange leaves crunched beneath her sneakers as she picked up her pace slightly.

Damned if I do. . .

Damned if I don't. . .

Passin' up on bad hoes

Trynna be the man that she want, what she want?

What she want from a nigga?

To put a ring on it?

Got a bitch on my dick right now

And she just wanna sing on it

Got me up so high, trynna get a piece of dat apple pie

I be up so high, trynna get a piece of dat apple pie

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