Overruling Mr Perfect+chapter1

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His muscly arm groped around her waist, pulling her an inch closer until his flawless hand stroked her face. My world spun at that moment, just watching his tear filled eyes stare with so much passion made me want to faint. It was heart breaking, his face showed so much consideration and yet so much lust at the same time. I just wanted to reach out there, and hold him, to see if his emotions were actually real or whether he was just a really good actor.

A flash of lights suddenly went off and my head snapped up to the camera's beside me.

 ''That's perfect!'' Jamie, the co-owner of the magazine called out to Wes.

 A vast amount of people surrounded Wes, one applying more make-up to him, the others messing with his hair while he struggled to breathe. Who was I kidding? Wes couldn't show anything to do with the word love. He was a cold hearted, moody jerk.

''Lacey, did you get the cards I asked for?'' Wes's infuriating voice, cut off my thoughts. I rolled my eyes at his fake act to forget my name. He's always like this, I know he remembers my name he just doesn't want anyone else to know he gives a slight care to remember something about someone nobody gives a shit about.

''It's Jacey.'' I corrected him, forcing myself from my seat and following him to his dressing room, his honey wheat colored blonde locks bouncing along with every step he took.

''Like it matters.'' He started. He suddenly came to a halt, making me run into his back, I rubbed my forehead and furrowed my eyebrows annoyed at Mr perfects attitude today.

He turned towards me, a slight look of annoyance on his face, his lips pursed and a look of anger ran through his ocean looking eyes, his signature sparkle still showing in them, lighting up his tanned face. ''So, did you?'' He asked, raising an eyebrow.

I sighed and shook my head, trying my best to get on his nerves. ''Did I what?'' I asked, like I didn't remember what he asked at least 20 seconds ago.

He grumbled something under his breath before attaching his eyes to mine. ''Did you get the cards!?'' He yelled through the empty hallway, that was not necessary.

''What cards?'' I teased, a smirk making it's way up my sly mouth.

He grunted then turned away from me, he carried on storming his way down the hall this time until he reached his door. A star with a red banner round and his name in the middle made it pretty obvious that he was the king of this place. No-one else has a star on their dressing room, but since Wes Poser requested his needs have to be seen to. His name explains his self really, a poser. He's the worst out of everyone who has a job here, sure they're all nice to look at. There's plenty of eye candy and really gorgeous girls who stick their nose up at you but Wes is different.

Most of the models here are nice, well close to the word average. I guess all model's have to be a little stroppy since they grow up with all the attention but most people don't order everyone around and expect to be waited upon hand and foot. Wes thinks he's better than everyone else, he's not even that good looking.

OK, he's sexy and makes your heart melt by looking at him but without his looks, he's nothing but a little, brat who thinks every day is...

''The Christmas cards Lacey! I told you to get them a week ago!'' He shouted in my face, making me step back a few inches. He was looking straight at me now, one hand touching the wall, making him look laid back.

I fought the urge to correct him again but ignored his ignorant ways. ''Why don't you order them yourself?'' I suggested. He could at least try and be independent for once, I bet he has people to dress him.

He groaned and opened his dressing room door, his face looked bright red from where I was standing, the look of his angry self made me smile in secret.

He told me at least twenty times in one day last week to buy him ten personalized Christmas cards on line, with his photo directly in the middle of them all. I of course listened to him and ordered them a few days ago, I have them right here in my file but he doesn't have to know that. If he wants them, he's going to have to start being nice.

I don't know why he's still got me as his assistant, I mean I would have quit at the start when he began being a pig but I needed the money. My families in debt and I'm helping out as much as I can, Wes doesn't know that though. I don't think he knows anything about me, he doesn't take the time to learn anything about anyone else but himself. I don't understand why he hasn't fired me though, I ignore him most of the time and give him no attention what so ever. I treat him like I'd treat anyone else, accept with a little less respect. That's only because he has no respect for me though.

''Well?'' He questioned. I must have missed what he said.

''Well, what?''

He rolled his eyes and I noticed his face was paler now, I'm glad he cared to calm down before going off on a phsyco rage. ''I said, I want a coffee, no sugarand don't fill the milk right to the top, last time I burnt myself.'' He stated. Mr perfect likes coffee? I'd take him to be a sort of iced tea person. Then again I'm only his assistant, it's not like I actually listen to his likes and dislikes although they're all over the Internet next to his picture. He's practically on every bus that passes the street. As if I don't see enough of his snobby face everyday of my life.

''You know where the kitchen is.'' I commented before strolling down the hall without a goodbye.

 I heard him mumble a few cursing words before a door slamming made me stop. How childish. I'm sure any girl would dream of there boss as a model, but trust me on this one, it's like a living hell.

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