Look at her she's so fat and poor me she sits next to me in Spanish.

This had became a routine I'd walk down the hall straight to class, because since nobody likes me I don't have friends, but it never bothered me, because I came to learn. I'm Abby Ediss and if you ask anybody at school I'm the school nerd and the ugliest and fatest of 'em all, I do have to agree with them except that they forgot I'm socially awkward. I've never had a boyfriend and I've never had my first kiss I love to sing but nobody knows and eitherway I'm not good.

*ring, ring* [the bell] Well off to Spanish class!

-Buenos dias senorita, I hope you have a good excuse.-said Mrs.Rosales.

-Si, Senoreta, I got stuck in traffic.- said Kristaline, my school bully she sat in her assigned, next to me.

-Mija, es Senorita no Senoreta, study that for your test- the teacher responded.

-Ok class dissmissed, estudien porfavor!- she said.

Once I got out of class I went out side and straight to my KIA Soul and drove off home straight home parked outside and straight onto my room and I loggedon to twitter and posted;

I am sick and tired of @Kristaline_Ramosluv if you think your a better person think again because all you are is a selfish person that only cares about yourself because these past 6 years of you bulling me haven't been enough for you!!

I was about to erase and put Hey everyone but then I accidentaly clicked 'UPLOAD' and then I thought she should know how i feel and either way I don't have school tommorow, I took a nap until 5:00 and I had 2k new followers and 2 replies which was one replie from Kristaline saying;

@DAbyyEdiss It's not my fault your fat you should really consider the gym.

And another replie; 

@DAbbyEdiss Don't listen to 'em there just cranky selfish bullies that don't  have respect from someone as beautiful as youxx - @Niall_Official

And my newsfeed said @Niall_Official Follows you.

2 minuites later;

@Niall_Official why do you follow @DAbbyEdiss when you can follow me I'm hot when she's not.

It seemed like he instantly replied;

@Kristaline_Ramosluv She might not look like you but for me that's a good thing.

She didn't replie and I know why I should probably thank him not that he'll awnser but it's worth a shot.

To @Niall_Official:

Helloxx, Thanks so much for backing me up there could I ask you something, why?

 Then for what seemed like an hour later he replied

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