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Well recently actually Thursday of last week.....a virus attacked my computer and deleted all of my files and I couldn't open anything....so my brother ended up recovering my computer to factory setting...so basically I will give you a recap of wat has been happening in chapter 7 and go up to the point I want to be at. There will one more upload after this one, however the parts will be pretty long considering ill be ending it for the watty awards. Enough rambling here is recap of part 7:

They trailed Chanel as she left back to her house to ensure that she arrived home safely. When they got home, they found out someone had bugged the room with cameras and bugs. Before disabling them they traced the signal. They traced the signal to a house just outside the Upper East side. They came very close to kissing but a phone call from the Chief interrupted them. Ale needed to get some of those feeling off her chest so she went to talk to her friend Anne. Not realizing that blake heard snippets of their conversation. Time passes and it's the next day of school. A/N: HEHEHE DIS WERE DAH STORY BEGINS!!!

Ale POV:

I woke up the next morning and my daily routine began. Take a shower, get dressed, make coffee and go to school with Blake. It was a bit awkward between us considering we had almost kissed last night. That day at school went pretty fast. There were a couple of run ins with Jace and some of the Barbie's that followed Chanel like a puppy dog.

A/N: ohh this parts are gunna be short and ill post the finale probably by Thursday or earlier next week :D back to the story now-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

As Blake and I were leaving school, in high spirits might I add; regaining our previous relationship before the kiss we had the biggest shock of our lives. There was a loud screeching of tires and a black SUV careened into the parking lot. My eyes widened as 2 feelings ran through my body shock and realization of who these guys were.

Twisting out of Blake's grasp I took off towards the car screaming.


I heard a steady pound of feet and through me peripheral vision saw Blake also sprinting besides me. He also yelled. I had taken down the license plate not that it would do any good really. I got there in time to take out one of the goon knocking them out with a swift roundhouse kick to the head, but the car roared off to soon.

The only thing I could really decipher about this was it was a 2 man job; 2 were to get her, obviously they weren't the masterminds behind this. We were still at the school when one of the thugs regained consciousness. His name was Jeffrey Jacobs, and he was 28. Anger began coursing through my veins. I didn't like Chanel but she had parents who loved her a lot and to have this stupid thug take a job to kidnap a 18 year old girl who could be his sister disgusted me.

I knelt down to face him and in a voice so lethal I could barely recognize as mine I began to speak to him.

"Listen to me and listen clearly you good for nothing son of a b****, how DARE you take a job that involves kidnapping a minor, now I'm going to give you 10 seconds to start talking-" I paused and took out my switchblade opening it an inch from his face, "or questa lama tesoro mio, io la chiamo la Carver, inizierà carving. Oh, e ho dimenticato di dire, io sono un maestro letale di tortura. So start talking."

At first he looked at me defiantly but as I brought the blade to his cheek began blubbering and spewing trash, he was just along for the ride the stupid twit didn't even know the full operation. By that time 2 of the chief's operatives; the cleaners where here to take Jeffrey away and we would go hunt down any leads we had.

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