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Kaneki Ken x Reader

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[y/n]- your name :) 

[h/c]- hair color

[e/c]- eye color 

-------------------------------------------------------Kaneki Ken x Reader--------------------------------------------------------

The girl with the [h/c] hair and [e/c] stared at the young boy who was serving her the coffee she had ordered. His eye patch kinda reminded her for a pirate book that she had been reading the night before. The young girl followed the boy with her eyes as a small dust of pink blush decorated her cheeks when his eye and her eyes met. She quickly looked away down to her book and continued to read. That girl was you [y/n]. 

Soon someone had approached your table and as you looked up again from taking a small sip of the coffee. It was the 'pirate boy', well that was what you had decided to call him. You stared at him and gave him a small smile "Um hello" you said softly as the boy smiled back and from under the table the placed down a small cheesecake "Ah hi its just house courtesy" he said a bit blushing and scootin the plate towards you and handing you a fork. 

Automatically after that small chat about the cake and the book you were reading which was a mistery to you the same book he was reading. You learned so many things about him like he was a university student, he didn't have parents and specially that his name was Kaneki Ken. Of course not all the information was right off the bat given to you but in small dates you both had or even some days were you went to the coffee shop. 

It became a costume routine for you to only go to Anteiku for coffee or even their occasional 'on the house' cakes. Kaneki seemed to spend most his time there too. The only person you kind really worried about was Touka. You weren't sure why but it kinda gave you chills when your eyes and hers met. Some days you even caught your mind wandering that maybe Kaneki and Touka were dating and that he was only treating you like a friend. 

At night before the day of a big exam you recieved a text. The screen read Ken-Kun and you opened it. Slowly you read the text as it said "Dear [y/n]-chan i know you might be asleep by now but if your not... care to meet me at the park close to your home?" you blushed red and smiled at the small text to be honest you weren't being honest to your feelings worried that your thoughts were true and Touka and Kaneki were dating but right now you didnt care you ran to change into something warm since winter was coming soon. 

You soon found yourself walking into the park and seeing a figure sitting down in one of the swings. Soon you found yourself there sitting beside Kaneki in the other swing. "Kaneki-kun..? you whispered softly looking at him. He seemed to have a distant look to his face something between a mixture of sorrow and confusion. He slowly turned to you and asked "Are you afraid of ghouls?" 

Being the type of person you were you didnt know how to answer. You mom and dad were both scientist who helped a doctor achieve his dreams of creating a half breed ghoul and a half breed human. You licked your lips and nodded "Yeah.. i guess to an extent i am" you whispered and frowned "But what does that have to do with anything?" you asked a frown decorating your forehead and he smiled very softly. "Promise you wont run away" he said softer as he held one of your hands. You nodded as you processed his words 

"I'm a ghoul [y/n]-chan" he said his eye looked into yours as you could only stare back. You mind working like crazy as you softly griped his hand tigher. You said no words to him only gave him a smile and whispered very softly after some time. "I trust you Kaneki.. " and he smiled wider. 

After that time you two became even closer, some would even say you were both dating or that you replaced his best friend Hide. You would blush and shake your head only saying that you were very good friends. Soon Kaneki dissapeared. Every single day you would only think of him and wishing that he was well. 

One night as the moon was full and you just got out of the shower and turned off the lights heard a small movement in your room. Soon you gripped your toothbrush by the middle and used the bottom part of it as a shank. You were shaking a bit till you were in the middle of your room and no one or nothing was moved. You jumped slightly when arms went around your waist in a tight hug. You tried to move till you heard a certain voice you had been longing to hear.

"[y/n]-chan... im sorry" it said softly. From the corner of your eye you could see white hair and then looking down you could see black nails. Slowly you pulled away turning and looked up at what was a new looking Kaneki. Slowly you brought your hand up from his hair and traveled it down his cheek to his hand and frowned. "What did they do to you..." you whispered with small tears forming in your eyes. 

You placed your forehead to his chest as he smiled at you and lifted your head so he could kiss your cheek. Soon you looked at him and kissed him. You had missed him and right now you didnt care if he did not like you back or if he was dating Touka. All you cared about was to kiss him just to show how much you had missed him and how much you loved him. Soon you felt him kissing back and you smiled into the kiss. His hands still around your waist as yours slowly traveled around his neck and played with the back part of his hair. It was a perfect bliz moment. Soon you pulled away for air. 

Both you and Kaneki held blushing faces as he spoke up. "[y/n]-chan... i love you ever since that first time at the shop ever since we became friends.. even after you accepted me as a ghoul... and now.. i've always loved you." he whispered in your ear as he hugged you tight. You smiled and nodded "I love you too Kaneki-kun.. ever since the shop ever since we were friends... and i always will..." you smiled more "I will always love kaneki-kun..." you whispered as he smiled at you. 

"Then [y/n]-chan.. be my girlfriend?" he asked as you nodded and held his hand. That night you both fell asleep in each other's arms. 


Ah! So how was that?! I think its ok.. so request anime guys and girls! doesnt matter! :D ahaha maybe i might even do lemons.... /.\ haha no not at that stage yet! haha for now characters! 

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