I've been captured.

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HELP!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!" I yelled throughout Selom Wood. No answer. I yelled again. Still....no answer. I looked over the tree branch only to be greeted with ice cold blue eyes. I shivered a little at the thought of him catching me. "Come down here lil lady." "NO!" I yelled at the man. "Get down ere or imma come get ya." The man said. "I'm not coming down...even if I wanted to..." I said trailing off. He looked up to me, eyes meeting one another, as he lead against the tree trunk. "You have five seconds to get down here...or imma shoot you outta that damn lem." I shook my head n clutched the tree branch. "no." I faintly said. The man grabbed an odd looking gun n pointed it at me. "This may hurt...a lot when ya hit the ground." I gripped the branch tighter wait to feel the pain of the gun shot. Baw! The man's gun went off n a net shot out, wrapping around my body n knocking me to the ground with a thud. I winced at the pain as I tried to move a round. "Don't move around so much it'll only hurt worse." The man said as he slowly approached my tangled up form. I stopped moving once he was standing over me. I coughed a little blood on the man's cowboy boots. ....Wait...Cowboy boots? I looked up to the mans face as the dark slowly began to swallow me hole. The man picked me up n flung me over his shoulder making me cringe. Finally the darkness closed in turning into a pitch black pit of nothing.

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