Chapter 7. Burning Hearts

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When the smoke is in your eyes, you look so alive
Do you fancy sitting down with me  maybe
'Cause you're all I need

Royal Gardner is a handsome young fellow and he is back in Avonlea, back in the golden cage he calls his home. His parents are wealthy and they let it everyone know. He has spent the last few weeks on vacation across Europe. Now that he was back in Avonlea he had only one wish.

To see Anne Shirley Cuthbert again. Anne Shirley Cuthbert, who he hadn't seen since Graduation.

He has been drawn to her since his high school days. Anne is different from the female creatures with whom he otherwise comes into contact. Anne is different from everyone else, temperamental and stubborn but also thoughtful and melancholic.

Anne is the one his heart cries for. In order to follow the cries of his heart, he decided to try his luck with her.

Roy called Anne last week and they had an almost one-hour conversation. It wasn't actually Anne's intention to have such a long conversation with him, but it was a good distraction. Distraction from the thoughts of the dance, distraction from her confusing feelings for Gilbert Blythe.

Roy Gardner and Gilbert Blythe have one thing in common. Both want to win the heart of a certain redhead, but only one can win.



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dr.blythe Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together - Marilyn Monroe 📸@rubysmoody

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